My crazy love story

My husband and I have an interesting story, a meet-cute if you will. 

“How did you and Chris meet?” is one of the most popular questions I receive, so I figured why not highlight our early days in a story for those of you who are interested in reading a good love story. It all started in the Emergency Department… 

“How did you and Chris meet”?

It was June 26, 2016. I woke up early and headed in for my last shift as an Emergency Medicine resident. I had essentially already graduated residency, but I was covering for a colleague who left town early for a vacation. I remember vividly how relaxed I felt that morning, I even curled my hair at 5am (thankfully), in preparation for some “last shift” group photos that I knew would come up. 

I hadn’t been on shift long and one of the nurses popped her head in the physician work room. She asked if I could see a patient in the hallway, and said it wouldn’t take long. She then mentioned it was a firefighter who had a potential needle stick, so he just needed some blood work before going back on shift. 

I sauntered out into the hallway and was met by three firefighters. The patient was a medic and when starting an IV in the ambulance on a trauma patient we had just received, he noticed a hole in his glove. He was there just as a precaution. There didn’t seem to be any blood or wound, so I reassured him and we collected his labs to test for infectious diseases; merely a precaution. 

In the mean time, one of the other firefighters seemed very chatty; he was easy to talk to. We talked about my being done with residency and starting a new job in a few weeks. It was brief, but memorable. I quickly discharged the patient and sent them on their way. Shortly after they left I noticed a facebook request on my phone. I didn’t recognize him at first, but I realized it was him… the chatty firefighter. I thought to myself, “of course we can be friends, emergency department providers and firefighters are a team”! Thank goodness I did my hair that morning!

Our entire relationship started with facebook messenger. Back and forth, back and forth. We liked all the same things. Sadly I had a messy past and was still dealing with some of that. It almost pushed us apart entirely. You can read more about that HERE. 

Fast Forward…

Fast forward to January 18, 2018, I’m heading in for another Emergency Department shift. It was a quiet morning. I was paged to one of the trauma bays and walked in to a firefighter on the gurney. It was one of Chris’ friends, whom I knew very well, and he looked like he was struggling to breathe. I was very confused, as typically these types of patients come with a trauma activation and no one was there but me and a nurse. In rushed Chris, who is spitting some story about a house fire and the roof collapsing and there being a smoke inhalation. As quickly as he was there, he rushed off to “update the media”. 

I thought it was a joke. Then I thought, “holy crap this is for real”. He had soot on his face and was breathing really fast. I looked at the nurse and said “why isn’t anyone doing anything? Get him on the monitor, start an IV, call the trauma team”! One of the Emergency Medicine residents took over, and another nurse ran in and dragged me out of the trauma bay to update family. I remember saying, “my job isn’t even done, I need to be back in there”. 

That’s when I blacked out. 

I saw Chris and a bunch of people behind him standing in the hallway in front of me. No one looked worried. People were smiling. I walked towards him slowly, half knowing what was about to happen but the adrenaline still managing my body. I stopped for sanitizer on the way (yes this is on video). That’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, in the same exact hallway of the Emergency Department where we met. 

It was all a set up, a fake shift, a fake fire, a fake patient, I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I don’t think I believed it until about an hour later. Chris had pulled off the single most impressive act I’ve seen in a county Emergency Department. My bosses were involved, the nurses, he had invited his colleagues, our friends and family, it was EPIC. He had been trying to get me to take this (fake) shift for weeks. I was trying my best to get out of it and even said “no” twice! 

The best part outside of being engaged to the love of my life at the end of this charade, was learning that I didn’t have to finish my shift! 

I have to be honest, I knew Chris was the one from VERY early on. I don’t really think I believed in love until I met him. He helped me understand that I could be myself AND share that life with another person. 

Before you think “this story sounds perfect”, there was a lot in between that was not easy. A doctor-firefighter marriage is not an ideal situation, when it comes to schedules and stress levels. You can read Chris’ experience on being married to medicine HEREBeing intentional is our secret. Intentional in what we do with our free time, who we spend it with (outside of each other), and our “work hard, play hard” way of life. 

Who knew that I would find my one, true love in the Emergency Department?

Do you have a crazy story about how you met your significant other? Tell me in the comments!

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174 thoughts on “My crazy love story

    1. It’s so amazing how you two met! I remember following you on Instagram when you got engaged and I watched your live video of the wedding! You two are such an inspiration, especially because I’m going into the health care field.

  1. Love love love your love sTory!! So amazing how both of your careers brought you together!! Your proposal was so incredible. All the surprises and planning That went into it shows just how much chris loves and cares about you!

  2. I have been following for Quite some time and love the new website!! I adore seeing you and chris on ig stories and you both finding love Doing what you love is so ironic and special! I met my significant oTher working a serving joB in college and he has moved away With me As i Pursue Orthoptics at u of m (blah, go buckeyes!!) lol.

  3. I have read this story so many times and I love it every time. I recently started working as a PA in the ER and I now realize just how much work Chris must have done to coordinate all of this. So romantic!

  4. Best eNgagement of all time! Can’t Believe he pulled that Whole Plan off & i waS so touched by his thoughtfulness and Everyone InVolved in your love story that day. The hospital is an Amazing plAce. Favorite couple ever!

  5. I love this love story. I remember following you long before you met Chris and it is so obvious he brings so much love and happiness into your life. 🙂

  6. I FolLowed you when i first saw your ENGAGEMENT story on another insta account. I really eNjoy your account and it was so cool to see you and chris get mArried and move into a new house. I also love your posts bEcAuse im currently majoring in pre-PHYSICIAN assistant studies. And hope to go To pa school!

  7. This is the sweetest story EVER! I’ve been following ur account for sometime now and I love it. You inspire Me! Sending lots of love xx

  8. Im so happy i stumbled onTo your insta….i think the medical field is incredible as is what we all bring to it.
    I truly do think you’ve found your calling and i just adore yours and chris’ love story. his proposal to you. So magical. All the feels Thank you for sharing your light

  9. As a fellow Buckeye…. go bucks!! I also found real love a second time around and it was pretty much love at first sight. when you know, you know!

  10. I have just loved following your love story. This made my heart swell two sizes too big. Thank you for sharing with us!

  11. Your love story deserves a hallmark movie release during christmas. Also, read your “About me” and did not know you were part mexican! amazing, would love to hear more about your heritage. makes me proud as another latina 🙂

  12. This story makes my heart melt!! I have been following you for a while, You and chris’ love shine through your stOries daily.

    I’ve found being intentional is key to all relationships. So important!

  13. Ive been following you for a while, and remember when you shared this news on instagram. One of my FAVORITE stories ❤️

  14. Honestly they need to make an episode of greys anatomy specifically patterned after your love story, this is amazing! And its also amazing how both of your careers were able to force your paths to cross❤️

  15. So beaUtiful ❤️ I never Get tirEd of seeing your proposal posts and video! Admittedly, I love Hearing about your story and I definitely dive in For a good read when you Share relationship advice. ThankS for All the wisdom girl!

  16. It’s sad that you had to go through the pain of your past relationship but it’s great to see how everything worked out for you in the end despite it all ♡♡

  17. You guys give me inspiration in mY relationship, both such go getters but also know how to be silly and not take things so seriouslY. 🙂

  18. I aBsoutely love this love Story.
    I also love that you two already know the name Of the game and how demanding both of your jobs can be.
    I also also love that you kept your last name. I mean, dr maJestics gOt to be a one in a million kind of deal.
    Heres to many more years of love & marriage for you and ChRis ❤️

  19. Such a sweet story! I love how fate stepped in and brought you together and way to go chris with that proposal….so cute and creative!

  20. I remeMber the day you posted about your engagement. It was such a great idea and to pull that off in Er where you just never knOw! No crazy story here but We did meet and have every class together in junior high but did not date until we were 21. There is a Picture of Us dancing togetHer in our 7th grade yearbooK and i remember being so embarrassed aboUt it. The teAcher that took the picture and put it in the yearbooK, Later was our viDEographer at our weDdinG in 2010.

  21. I love a good love story! I met my husband when we were only 15 & 16. We “dated” briefly (WHATEVER that means at 15 & 16 lol), had other boyfriends and Girlfriends for years after, anD reconnected when i turned 21. I was about to graduate College and he was finishing probation as a police officer. We got married 2 years Later and will celebrate our 9 Year wedding anniversary this september!

  22. This story is so sweet. Truly fate! As i start my education/career in medicine, i feel nervous a lot about balancing my love life and medicine, but you two give me hope that with the right people and sOme dedication, it all works out! Love hearing from you tWo and cant wait to see what you do next!

  23. Timing is everything! You have the sweetest love story and fairytale proposal! I wish you and C all the happiness, and congrats on your new home!

  24. Your own romance novel! Thank you for sharing your story with the world as it gives us all some hope that true love does exist. I found my true love many years ago and it is fun to see others find theirs and share their story!

  25. I love your love story! Actually one of the reasons I started following you on IG Is because I saw this picture. I love reading your content and your life updates as they inspire me not only in a professional way but also with my personal life. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  26. I remember this IG post as if it was yesterday. This very picture was the one that popped on my Feed and this is when I started following you.
    True love is worth waiting and fighting for

    Thank you for sharing your story

  27. I’ve read this story so many times on your Instagram and fall in love with it the more I read it. My boyfriend and I will soon be in the same boat. He wants to be a state trooper/cop, depending on which academy accepts him. And I’m heading to be a Physician Assistant in trauma/plastics/dermatology. We know our hours are going to be crazy. But I always talk to him about you and Chris. And it gives him peace knowing there’s couples out there that make it work and give great advice to others on how to make it work. So thank you for always being encouraging and helping others out!

  28. Great love story! I met my husband at our mutual friends LAPD graduation. We ended up sitting next to each other and hit it off. We have been together ever since and as of Easter Sunday 4/12 been married for 6 years and have 2 handsome boys. I enjoying following your Instagram and blog/newsletters! As a provider and someone who loves shopping/fashion your content is great! Stay safe through all this COVID!

  29. So crazy to follow your journey since the beginning! I remember reading your love story and am still absolutely in awe every time I reread it! Love Love Love!

  30. The sweetest love story! Thank you for sharing a little piece of your life with this community. It gives me all the feels, and definitely sounds like the kind of love story that would air on Grey’s Anatomy “hint, hint – take notes Shonda Rhimes”. And thank you for giving a little hope to a single medical student hoping to find love out there someday 😉

  31. OMG this is so sweet!!! I love your and Chris’ story. It’s amazing how things fall into place at the right time. Side note: where was your wedding?! That view is gorgeous!! I’m recently engaged and I’m looking for venues to host my wedding 🙂

  32. One of my all time favorite love stories… you & C consistently remind me how possible it is to have a full and intentional love AND be a successful professional. Thank you for all you do – you’re amazing!

  33. Awww! This is the cutest story! I love how he proposed to you, so meaningful and so thoughtful! My boyfriend and I met my freshman year of college! We were both on the cross country team!

  34. I loved reading this! Got a little teary eyed at the end when you wrote “ He helped me understand that I could be myself AND share that life with another person.“ 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 So happy for you lovebirds!

  35. I absolutely adore y’all love story! Perfect and best couple out there 👊🏼😍💕 such an amazing proposal as well

  36. 8
    I LOVE your love story!! Gives me so much hope and joy for the future. I recently left a guy who put down my dreams and made the decision to pursue Emergency Medicine in the 2021 Match!!! A friend told me I HAD to follow you on Instagram, and now I see why. Thanks for the smiles, Dr. Majestic!!!

  37. This is still one of the best proposals I have ever heard! And you and C just fit so well together like two puzzle pieces (:

  38. I’ve been following you for a couple of years now, and just loved watching this all unfold from a distance! Love y’all’s story and relationship! My favorite posts are when Chris makes a guest appearance !

  39. Such a wonderful love story! Your proposal pictures were how I discovered you guys (thank you IG feed)! Had all the feels for you!

  40. My husband and I met through a friend of a friend, a tale as old as time. We dated for two years, he popped the question, and after four days of engagement, we were in city hall saying “I do.” The quick elopement was the best decision that we made and is what worked for us. I think everyone has different preferences and as long as you’re happy, then who cares if you had a wedding for 200 people vs 2.

  41. So glad I stumbled upon your page 3 years ago! Its been fun watching you and Chris,Ems, you career and relationships with brand flourish!

  42. Pretty crazy how a tiny hole in a glove has brought you two together. The world works in mysterious ways <3 Your engagement sounds pretty epic, not sure if I'd be able to handle all those emotions at once lol

  43. This is such a beautiful story and the way he pulled off that proposal is so epic and the coordination he had to do to pull it off just shows how much he loves you! You two are such a beautiful couple inside and out!

  44. I love your love story! You and Chris are an inspiration to many.

    It’s not a “crazy” story, but I met my bf while we were on the same college swim team. He was a year older. I had a different bf my first year, and he waited till after we broke up to even say a word to me. He thought I would “friend zone” him if we started talking…men. Anyway, 4 years later and the rest is history!

  45. I moved from Newport Beach to a farm town of 600 almost 10 years ago. I had been back to visit a friend there and saw this handsome, tall man at the town bar one night. I went over and tried to hit on him, and he totally blew me off! I went back to my friend and told her I was going to date him when I moved to town. Four months later I was working at that bar and in he came with a friend. It was a slow day and we ended up closing the bar down to go have some drinks. I basically moved in the next day and haven’t looked back!

  46. I’ve been following you since before you two got married and I absolutely love y’all’s story and following you guys! Hope you two are staying well, thanks for all you front liners are doing!

  47. This is soooooooooo freaking cute!!! You never hear of stories like this in the ED. Hope you two have an amazing life together 🙂

  48. Such a cute story!! Y’all seem so happy around each other, such a blessing because you can’t know love unless you’ve known heartbreak!!! My word for 2020 was intentional so LOVE that is your secret 🙂

  49. I LOVE your engagement story! Of course Chris could have taken you to a nice elegant restaurant to propose but I think it’s so sweet and sentimental that he chose to propose to you in the exact spot you two met!

  50. The sweetest! One of my fave love stories! Crazy how fate works. My fiancé is also a first responder, and yes totally agree that being intentional with our time is so needed to have a successful relationship. Few understand, but it’s so worth it!

  51. Absolute perfect proposal! Current boyfriend is a med student too so I’m gonna have to drop hints that this is how a proposal should be done haha 😉

  52. I could read this over and over again. You are so inspiring, both of you!! I can not thank both of you enough, that each day you go to work to care for and help others that are completely strangers to you.
    Thank you and your husband for what you do!! I can’t wait to follow you guys throughout life!!

  53. Oh my gosh this is engagement story gave me chills!! I’m a vet student. Me and my boyfriend of 4 years talk about engagement all the time and it’s hard to not get caught up in it being “perfect”. I love that it was part of your career.

  54. Thank you both for your service! Your relationship is so inspiring and truly is the greatest example of having faith in the journey.

  55. Beautiful love story. I’ve experienced one too many heartbreaks which can be depressing. It gives me hope to not give up on love. I love Love.

  56. Always like to hear this love story ❤️ I’ve been following you since you before you got engaged and I can see how happy he makes you.
    You and Chris have a beautiful life ahead of you guys. I’m so excited for both of you. I can wait to see what the future holds for you two 🤗

  57. Reading this gave me chills- love story for sure. Thank you for the gentle reminder that no matter our past, there is something beautiful and unexpectedly awaiting each of us. Even when it feels some days feel like you might as well exit the arena, we keep going. ♥️✨

  58. Such an inspirational story. Also what a unique way to propose. Chris really did think outside the box for this one. It’ll be a great story to tell your kids and grand babies. Way to go Chris on the proposal!

  59. Your story gives me hope for a better future! My marriage came to an end in the middle of 2019. I knew it was something that I had to do, but it was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. I’ve discovered so much about myself and my own happiness since then. Thank you so much for sharing the great and everything in between!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Good for you, for taking the hardest step that SO many people won’t take. I’m happy to hear that you are happy!

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