Skincare 2.0

I just started a new skincare routine a couple of months ago, and I am IMPRESSED.

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe you have to have a long, complicated skincare routine. I repeat, it can be very simple.

My new regimen just happens to be quite long. Much longer than I was used to. Cue Chris rolling his eyes while he waits for me to get ready! But so far, so good.

I’m 33 and have suffered from cystic and hormonal acne my entire life. Only recently has my skin been clear consistently. I also have large pores and an element of rosacea. Add in some acne scars, and under eye circles (genetic + my job). I’m not super excited about walking around without makeup, to be honest.

This post highlights my skincare routine prior to our wedding, and goes into detail on acne products that I was using (both topical and oral).

I started using Zo Skin Health products in January after a plastic surgeon friend Dr. Donald Mowlds recommended it for me. Believe me, I have ALWAYS been skeptical of pricey skincare products because who says they’re going to work? Well… I’ve noticed my skin is brighter, more even, and less reddened. It’s such an elevated skincare experience- smells nice and feels nice. Not like some products where they cost an arm and a leg but don’t produce effects and/or don’t even feel nice on your skin. Also I haven’t seen a zit for a while! Please don’t send me one, universe!

The top shelf in our bathroom is ALL mine! Well, the one below it is also mine too! Clearly you ladies understand, right?

Disclosure: this multi-step regimen is pricey AND time consuming. I never thought I could follow through because I like an easy morning and night time routine. But I figured, I’m in my 30’s, maybe it’s time to invest in my skin and get serious.

The regimen isn’t the same for everyone and largely depends on what your healthcare provider recommends. I actually use every, single, one of these products daily. My morning routine is 8 steps! My night time routine is only 3 steps.


I highly recommend you see a healthcare provider before ordering from a product line like this. Many dermatologists or plastic surgeons will offer a free consultation and it is worth your time and energy to chat with them before investing.

There you have it! My newest skincare secrets! I am SO happy with the results and have heard so many similar stories from others after using this line of products.


What’s your skincare regimen? How many steps?

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139 thoughts on “Skincare 2.0

  1. Definitely important to keep up a skin care routine during these crazy times!!! I love HEARING aboht Yours!

    1. Skincare is obviously *so* personal to everyone. I’m glad I’ve finally found what works for me in my price range, as I’m sure you are too!

  2. You have amazing skin! I ACTUALLY was following the treatment first then started follOwing you cause of your love of medicine. @sara.m.clark

  3. Thank you thank you! I know skin care routines can be expensive, but honestly if i added up all of the money I spent on cheaper ALTERNAYIVES that didn’t even work, it would be comparable to an expensive routine. Your honesty is always appreciated!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Your skin has been looking amazing Ever since you started your wedding prep at the treatment. Besides this topical routine What treatments do yOu think helped with acne scares?

    1. Thank you! Retinol, over the years, has definitely diminished my acne scars. Outside of that it has been exfoliation and facials. Microneedling can help, but it caused some inflammation for me so I wasn’t a huge fan.

  5. Thank you for sharing! I am excited to add a few of these to my ever changing (until I find the perfect one) routine. My skin has been loving this break from makeup.

  6. Currently use neutrogena grapefruit face wash, but these masks are causing my face to breakout!! Any suggestions for that!?

    1. Even I have small break outs from wearing masks, and I haven’t broken out in a long time! Exfoliation really helps me with decreasing oil production. I think if you can minimize that, it will help. I obviously use the Zo line in this post, but there are a ton of exfoliants out there. Maybe try that! Plus adding a face wash with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can help reduce break outs.

  7. I have a friend who also swears by this product line. I am 30 and suffer from acne & Signs of aging which is frustrating. DEFINITELY plan to see a dermatologist once the COvid19 pandemic is over.

  8. Ah, i”ve been so excited for this post! hoping to try soon after i start residency! as always, thank you for sharing!

  9. Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to take this time to try some of these to perfect my skin routine while All My nursing classes have moved online

  10. I love these tips! I find myself neglecting my skin all The time With our busy lives and schedule and Its so important to keep a good routine! Thanks for sharing!

  11. skincare is my biggest spending weakness. i am obsessed with trying products!! quarantining with my sister has made for ample time to try out new-to-us finds (trying to find a silver lining here!)

  12. This is super helpful! With 2 kids under 2 years old lord knows i’ve aged significantly and need to upgrade my skincare regimen.

  13. Over the last few months ive stuck to a very simple cleanse, vitamin c and sunscreen in the morning and cleanse, moisturize and differin gel before bed. This is the first time ive been consistent over a period of time and am finally seeing an improvement in texture and breakouts!

    I love seeing your skincare routine- thanks for sharing!

  14. I turned 30 this year and decided it was time to try to staRt taking better care of my skin too. Im a full Makeup face kind of gal due to uneven skin/redness. I bought a tinTed spf, correcting cream for reDness, and got a prescription retinoid. Looking forward to learning and Adding more So im More fresh faced confident!

    1. Yes girl! I swear my skin has always been uneven and inflamed in places. It made me never want to go out without makeup. Once I committed to this line, things changed. Consider it if your provider thinks it’s a good idea for you!

  15. Love this! I am also suffering from acne at the age of 32 and it’s making my life miserable, looking for a good skincare routine and this looks amazing. Your skin has been glowing in all your latest posts, love xx

  16. Im excited to try so skin health Under eye cream and daily sunblock. I have a hard time finind daily suNblocks thst do not leave my skin feeling oily.

  17. I always had really clear skin until my mid-twenties and now I’m struggling! I’ll have to give these products a try. Im getting married in 4 months and NEED my high school skin back (lol)

    1. Yes girl! Get your routine on point now! It’s important to not make any changes within a couple months of your wedding!

  18. You are so correct, iT is so important to invest in your skin and your body, if you are going to spend a lot of money on one thing, let that be your skin because it really does matter what you put on it.

  19. There is so much out there for skincare that it is so hard to tell what’s worth it and what’s a scam. Thanks for sharing your experience with medical-grade skincare! Good to know that this investment can be worthwhile!


    1. Yes! To be totally transparent, I am VERY oily too. This skincare line is an attempt to make me LESS oily, and it has, but in a good way. So the dewiness you see, is some natural oils too 🙂

  21. I feel so spoiled sometImes that my mom emphasized sKin care at such a young age!! Being a broke grad student right now, i love that most offices offer a free consult (which i will definitely take advantage of when this is over!)

    1. Depends on what supplements we’re talking about, I don’t necessarily think that supplements can solve your skin problems but they can be used to benefit the body in other ways!

  22. YES TO SIMPLE!! I’ve been loving the c’est moi foaming cleanser and the Genes Vitamin E lotion with my TAn Luxe drops (ESPECIALLY AS SOMEONE WHO USED TO USE TANNING BEDS.. this product is a LIFE SAVER). so incredibly simple, but it works and leaves my skin feeling fresh and able to breath!

  23. 33! You are stunning, im turning 32 this year and have worn makeup most of my adult life to cover up dark spots and uneVen skin tone. Working in the ER and reusing masks we are not allowed to wear makeup, it Has been a challenge going Into work without my everyday face I put on. Thank You for sharing your story and current skin care regimen!! <3

    1. I hear you!!! I felt the same until recently with this skincare line. I have dark circles still, but oh well! Not sure if you’re into injectables, but fillers can help with undereye circles, they can be a game changer!

  24. Thanks for sharing! are you doing anything different after your shifts? after Removing my n95, face shield, etc After 10+ hours, i feel like I need a deep cleansing. Currently just doing micellar cleanser, gentle face cleanser, toner, moisturizer. +/- Charcoal face mask

    1. Hi! Just using this line and products only. It incorporates a lot of exfoliation so it feels really good after the mask wearing!

  25. Dr Majestic!
    I first saw you on a figs ad and knew i had to follow you!
    Like you, i have cystic/hormonal acne and its been a niGhtmare! I appreciate the advice to seek a Consultation with a derm before investing, its really valuable to do this first hand.
    Loving the new asthetics of the blog!

  26. With this quarantine, i’ve definitely also been more consistent with my skincare routine, and i’ve Noticed a difference! Can’t wait Until i start my career so that i can afford Higher quality products haha.

  27. This is so helpful, thank you for sharing!!! I love hearing about other skin care routines, hope to try some of these soon!

  28. I Have been struggling with hormonal/cystic acne as well and its Been a little over 6 months Since i started my new skin care regimen! Slowly, but surely getting there. I have beCome Obsessed with skin care ever since and it’s definitely one of the few things i’ll splurge on!

  29. I love learning about skincare and what regimens work best! I also struggle with hormonal acne and am still looking for a solution. I used to work with an esthetician who introduced me to ZO products – LOVE THEM! I have a short routine and currently use ZO cleanser followed by moisturizer, and twice weekly ZO exfoliating polish. I look forward to trying more products as I prep for my wedding!

    PS, thank you for introduCing me to The Treatment!! I have learned a lot from you both!

  30. I jumped on the improve my skin care regimen during this pandemic and received a virtual consultation from an aesthetician through Dr. Dennis Gross. I will now have a 9 step AM routine and an 8 step PM routine. So excited for better skin!

  31. Being a Mom of 6 I hardly have time for myself. I keep my skincare routine as simple as possible and I do not wear makeup other than mascara on special occasions. I appreciate posts like this so I can get ideas to help my acne prone adult skin without having to do the research myself 🙂

  32. Quality skincare products (backed by science!) is definitely an investment but can be so worth it! As a new grad PA, I’m very cautious about my spending, especially with these unpredictable times but I’m excited to check out some of these products!

  33. I am 30 years old and suddenly developed psoriasis and sensitive dry skin. It has been the worst finding a health care routine that works for me and like you, I don’t feel comfortable without having foundation on. Currently I my go to is Cetaphil, but I know I need to start using serums for hydration, in the past I have used vitamin C but it’s so hard to find one that won’t irritate my skin.

  34. I love this!! I’m a EM resident and made it my goal this year to get a better skin care routine and stop going to bed with makeup on after a long shift. I’m still dabbling in what works and doesn’t for my skin but I need to get into a routine now more than ever because this Mask-nce, as we’re calling it, is ROUGH!

  35. I also have rosacea and it can be hard to find products that are gentle enough on my sensitive skin but are effective for treating breakouts. I am a die hard cocokind skin care fan but I may have to try out a few of these products!!

  36. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m in my early 20’s and I started developing red in my cheeks a few months ago. So what I’ve been using is Almond oil serum, it’s worked miracles on me. My routine consists of spf, a good moisturizer, my roller, and of course my almond oil. I’ll be expanding a little more once I speak to my doctor and see what they recommend. I never thought to reach out to a health provider on a good skin routine until I read your post, so thank you 🤍🙏🏻

  37. Thank you for sharing your suggestions! Ever since nursing school, I started implementing a skincare routine and I have to say it definitely has changed my skin! Will definitely look into the products you are using! 🙂

  38. I love any and all posts on skincare! My routine is a simple 3 steps in morning and 3 at night! Recently added a Vit C serum to my routine and loving it.

  39. Definitely looking into trying this! I have large pores too, and acne scars. I 100% am not confident without makeup! Thankfully I have three months until boards and time to try to clean up my face, albeit might be a litttttle difficult with the stress of boards being just around the corner. Thank you for giving me something to look into trying!

  40. Thank you for sharing this with us! I have also struggled with acne and large pores for the majority of my life, so this is super helpful. Also, your skin is beautiful!

  41. Omg!!! I’m a huge skin care girl, so I can totally appreciate this post. Can’t wait to try Zo after my products run out!

    1. Thank you!
      Morning: wash, exfoliating polish, oil reducing pads, brightalive, retinol skin brightener, daily power defense, rozatrol, then sunscreen.
      Night: Wash, oil reducing pads, brightalive, complex A cream.

  42. I am definitely going to look into this product! I have a really long night time routine even when I don’t have makeup to take off! I love skincare products!!

  43. This is an area I really want to look into and figure out a skin care regime so this was super helpful! Thanks for offering these insights and products you’ve found and loved!

  44. Thank you for the recommendation of checking in medical provider before ordering products about what might work best for us individually.

    I’m a PA working in the ED and curious about any changes to skin care routine with COVID-19. We are required to be wearing masks during the entire duration of our shifts and my face has been breaking out like crazy. It’s probably due to many factors but I’m curious if you’ve experienced this.


    Katie S.

    1. Yes! I don’t wear a mask during my entire shift because I am in and out of rooms, but I still have experienced some break outs and that’s very unlike my skin (as of lately). I feel you!

  45. I’m also in my early 30s and have fought with cystic acne and its scarring for many years. I feel like I’m finally making a little headway but get so nervous to try a new product and risk going backward. 😬 Current skin care routine is 6 steps but but as time consuming as I thought it would be. I just do different tasks in between steps and it all gets done. 😊

  46. Do you have suggestions for people like me (EM resident!) who work in healthcare and have to wear and rewear masks? It’s making my skin both breakout and be dry

    1. It’s so hard to combat this without trial and error. By the time you find something that works, you may not have to wear masks anymore. It’s also so dependent on your skin. I am SO oily, so I use a lot of exfoliating products and it helps control my break outs. If you are dry, you may need more dense deep hydrating or moisturizing products. But I am no expert here!

  47. This is super helpful! I literally have the same issues and a wedding in a few months (hopefully) to prepare my face for!! Thanks for the tips!

  48. Your skincare recommendations are what got my skin wedding day ready, and I will forever be grateful for that! I live in Texas, and regularly get products delivered from The Treatment based on your recommendations.

  49. I’m ALWAYS curious about other people’s skincare routine! Probably more so than makeup. You can’t build a stable house without a solid foundation right?!

  50. It’s nice to know your beauty routine. I’m using a pricey skin care line too but figured it is worth it, and in fact is as it’s done wonders for my “old” skin! Lol

  51. I experienced a lot of the same skin issues you have and I am definitely thinking about trying these products out!!

  52. I too have also struggled with cystic and hormonal acne and have tried so many skincare products and I definitely understand the frustration! I personally feel like it has gotten worse since I’ve been in my university’s nursing program. I will have to ask my dermatologist about these skincare products, it would be great to start it soon while I’m practicing social distancing right now during the pandemic.

  53. Thank you for sharing! I’ve always shied away from these pricey skin care products, but you’re right we have to invest in ourselves!

  54. Your skin is amazing, thank you for sharing your tips and knowledge! I can’t wait to try some of these products too 🙂

  55. Thanks for sharing! I, too, have struggled (and still struggle) with hormonal acne. I’ve seen several dermatologists and I’ve found that benzoyl peroxide works best for my acne. I just use an OTC BP gel as needed now, which controls my breakouts. On a regular basis, I use a gentle Cetaphyl face wash and toner (right now I’m using Witch Hazel), which seems to help with my complexion.

    I am excited to keep reading all of your posts!!

  56. At night I cleanse my face followed by a rose toner, 1-3 serums and then moisturize with Extra virgin olive oil. In the mornings, I rinse with cold water followed by toner and moisturizer with SPF. I exfoliate 2-3 times a week and do a mask 1-2 times. Although during quarantine this has all gotten a bit jumbled. Sometimes there’s a mask every day, sometimes I just use a face wipe and call it a day. Surviving not thriving over here!

  57. Love this! I’ve slowly added products to my routine because I knew I’d never stick to anything if I started with 20 products lol.
    AM: cleanse, Vit C, eye cream, sunscreen
    PM: cleanse, retinol, eye cream, moisturizer.

  58. Love, love, love, all things skincare. Right now is the perfect time to catch up on all the failed skin routines im guilty of! Thank you for all these recommendations!!

  59. Thank you for such great beauty tips. Working in a hospital on top of being a student, always puts a strain on my skin. Keeping active and on top of my skin care routine, thanks to you!

  60. Hi!
    My skincare routine is pretty simple. My goal before my birthday is to invest in Zo skincare products because I’ve seen before and after pictures and they’re absolutely amazing. You have gorgeous skin which also inspires me to go get my skin checked out and get some products. I am hoping to find some that help with acne scars. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  61. I’d never even heard of this line before you mentioned it on IG recently. Now I’m seeing it pop up on so many accounts! Sounds so nice 😍

  62. My skincare changes with the weather/seasons. In the summer, I feel like daytime routine has more steps with shorter routine at night. While in the winter my daytime routine is shortened and night routine are lengthen to combat the dry skin while I sleep. Props to you for keeping up with all 8 steps! That’s true skin care dedication❣️

  63. I’m still waiting to find a skin care regimen that works for me. Just ordered a couple of products from the ordinary during quarantine though and will see if it makes a difference. Also def seeing my dermatologist after this to get some recs. I’m always hesitant to splurge on expensive face products but glad to know there are ones out there that are worth!

  64. We seem to share the same physiological issues that cause major distress on our beautiful faces :(. I will definitely give these products a try. Thank you for sharing your skin care routine.

    Best Always,

    Your friend Otilia

  65. I’ve struggled on and off with hormonal acne for a while and it’s definitely flaring yo with all the sweets I’m eating lately. My skin care routine has so many steps! Paula’s choice cleanser, toner, hyaluronic acid or vitamin b and niacinamide moisturizer, benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, and eye cream twice a day. At night I mix tretinoin with my acne treatment. I also use exfoliating and hydrating masks And a glopro microneedling tool a few times a week and have seen a big difference with my pore size and fine lines over the last few weeks. I think my acne has also gotten better .

  66. I love this post thanks for sharing! I’ve heard about zo skin and hearing your positive reviews, I want to give it a try! I’m always looking to add things to my regimen! Your skin looks so beautiful and clear!

  67. Love hearing about skin care products backed by medical professionals! I’ve struggled with hormonal and cystic acne too so I might have to check this out next time I chat with my derm!

  68. Always looking for ways to add to my skin care regimen… or lack there of! This mask wearing for 12 hours has been rough. How do you make it work when you work night shifts? Do you just flip your “morning” routing to when you get up for work?

    1. Exactly! The first day (night) that I work, I carry on like usual. Morning products in morning. Keep my face clean all day and apply makeup (should I choose) before the night shift. Then I flip it. Come home and (in morning) do my night routine.

    1. My provider recommended the layering order for my skin and what it needed, so it’s not the same for everyone.
      AM: exfoliating wash, exfoliating polish, oil reducing pads, brightalive, retinol skin brightener, daily power defense, rozatrol, then sunscreen.
      PM: wash, oil reducing pads, brightalive, complex A cream

    1. AM: Exfoliating cleanser, exfoliating polish, glycolic acid pad, brightalive, retinol skin brightener, daily power defense, rozatrol, sunscreen.
      PM: Cleanser, glycolic acid pad, brightalive, complex A cream

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