Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Student in your life

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We all love getting a little surprise now and again, right? Especially when you’re hard at work studying and don’t have time to celebrate the little holidays like Valentine’s Day! I remember when I was a student and living alone, a package or surprise from my mom would really change my tune! Most of my packages were filled with candy, candles, coffee mugs, and other little treats that my mom knew I would never buy myself. Heck, I barely left the house some days!

I own many of these products and can speak to how much I love them, AND how much they can change a day stuck in your home studying. Because I got carried away, here’s a few more (some specific to the medical field).

Last year for Valentine’s Day, Chris bought me a pink yoga mat, which was an upgrade from the previous one that I owned, and we were taking a lot of yoga classes together, so it was very useful. I snagged a super comfy UGG blanket for him, with a set of adorable Bachelor-themed wine glasses. This year we have something super fun and exciting planned and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Do you have plans for this Valentine’s Day? Would love to hear what you all are planning. Even if it’s a night of studying with your favorite wine and pajamas!

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