Park City


I knew I wanted to take Chris somewhere special for his birthday, and Park City seemed to be a natural choice, because this California boy loves the snow! I had been there for my bachelorette party (you can find details on that HERE), but I had never been to ski, and I am SO glad we went. 

It was all a surprise for Chris, and he didn’t know until we arrived at Long Beach airport and I gave him his boarding pass. So much fun keeping a level of suspense for your loved one’s birthday! 

We stayed at the Marriott Summit Watch and I used Vacation Candy Rentals to book. Park City is NOT cheap in the winter season and I wanted him to have the full Main St experience for his first time visiting. This hotel is half vacation rentals, half hotel, and the location does not disappoint. It’s right on Main St and we were able to walk to all of the cute shops and restaurants. 

Our very first stop when we arrived was High West Saloon. Get the burger, you will leave satisfied and happy! We also had the chicken wings and pretzel and they were mouth watering. We ended the night at Alpine Pie Bar, with a large slice of pie and a glass of champagne. It’s this cute little speak easy beneath a restaurant with romantic vibes; highly recommend!



Chris and I are not advanced skiers, so I spent a ton of time researching the best place to ski and came upon Deer Valley. The prices are high but the snow is great and it’s a ski-only mountain that limits the number of lift tickets they sell in a day. I purchased ahead of time and reserved rentals out of Deer Valley Resort. Don’t get me wrong, the skiing was excellent, but the main attraction for me over here was the epic Veuve Cliquot yurt at Montage Deer Valley. This is a pop-up that will only be there until April sadly, and in my opinion is a DO NOT MISS if you’re going to Park City. You can ski in/out for lunch, as it’s only open from 12-4pm daily. Even for novice skiers like ourselves, it was easy to find and there were green runs available to get there. 



If you watched my stories, you’ll know that I had a little goggle snafu that I realized only once I got to the Veuve yurt where I was super excited to take photos. I bought a brand new pair of Smith goggles and after only 3 hours of skiing, they left a huge imprint into my forehead. “This happens to everyone”, you’re thinking. Nope… these had the brand name written on the inside. I had the word Smith imprinted into my forehead for HOURS. I even had the goggles on the loosest setting with my helmet. If you zoom in you can see it, I left this photo unedited for your viewing pleasure!



I had to suck it up, it’s not like I’ll ever get back to this yurt! So we drank champagne and ate charcuterie and the most delicious mini sandwiches, while everyone probably questioned my choice in goggles. SO worth it. 




I was able to find a new pair of goggles at Deer Valley Resort and they even took my other pair back, which was very validating! In fact, the lady working there bluntly said, “I am mortified for you”! I knew I wasn’t overreacting! In the mean time I found a headband to cover my Smith forehead branding and we headed to the St. Regis for a little après ski action. This property is special because you have to take a funicular from the slopes to get up to the main part of the hotel. They have a tradition everyday at 530pm where they saber a bottle of champagne on the beautiful terrace overlooking Deer Valley and hand out free champagne to their guests. We stayed for dinner at Brasserie 7452 and ended the evening with s’mores cheesecake and hot cocoa. Don’t worry, I found a headband to cover up my Smith goggle branding.  



On Chris’ birthday we had an epic morning dog sledding at North Forty Escapes. What we didn’t realize was how far the ranch was from Park City! We didn’t rent a car on this trip, so we used Uber or Lyft which was super easy, except for when you have no cell service and are in the middle of no where! We were thankfully able to arrange for our Uber driver who took us out there, to meet us when we were done and bring us back, but definitely something to think about if you ever plan for an activity like this. 

The dog sledding experience was SO cool. The Utah countryside is so beautiful and serene and the dogs were super friendly. The tour was about an hour and there was plenty of time for petting the pups and taking photos. 




After our breathtaking morning with nature I wanted to surprise Chris with a little luxury so we hit the Montage Deer Valley spa for a massage. I’ve been to other spas in Park City and this one was by far my favorite. There’s a giant indoor heated pool and hot tub, in addition to the separate locker room jacuzzi, steam room, and saunas. I splurged on a 90 min couples’ massage and we both agreed it was one of, if not the best, massages we’ve ever had. 



We sipped aperol spritzes and listened to the live music in the great room after the spa, and Montage has the cutest s’mores bar out on the terrace everyday at 430pm, complete with hot chocolate!



We had to make a quick stop on our way home before dinner, at Windy Ridge Bakery, for Chris’ birthday cake. If you know us, you know that Chris LOVES sweets, and every year I order him a cake with a personalized message on it. Usually it’s a phrase that he overuses and makes me laugh… this year I chose “38… What is happening?”. When I went to pick up the cake the owner broke the news to me, that the pastry chefs were both out sick and they couldn’t write on the cake. I asked if she could just do it real quick, because honestly I didn’t care what it looked like! She said no… but asked if I wanted to do it. So there I was, with zero baking experience, writing on my own husband’s cake! It was quite the memory, and of course he didn’t care, he ate the whole thing anyways! The cake was german chocolate and YOU GUYS, it was amazing. 



We ate at 350 Main for dinner which was such a cute environment and offered delicious food. Our original plan was to eat at Tupelo for his birthday dinner but they called us literally <24 hours before our reservation, cancelled for no reason, and were very inappropriate in dealing with the situation. Have to admit, they are 100% on my shit list at this point! 

I had a TON of recommendations from you all about a breakfast spot called Five5eeds, so we headed there for brunch on Saturday. It’s a health conscious spot that I could totally see here in Orange County. We worked off our brunch with some walking and shopping on Main Street (Cake boutique was one of my faves), and we had the pleasure of taking photos with Amelia Blaire in the afternoon. Amelia is SO fun and captured our Park City memories perfectly. I always like when a photographer can get me to loosen up and have fun, while directing me towards what looks cute. Let’s be honest… I am not a model! I need direction! 



If you’re an Italian fan, go to Grappa for a cute, romantic environment and some BOMB Italian food. We also spent a few minutes at The Cabin for drinks after a recommendation and they were craft cocktails like no other. 

We chose a late flight out of Park City on Sunday and had to check out of our hotel early, so we spent the entire day at Stein Eriksen where we stayed cozy in the lodge and ate THE BEST all-you-can-eat brunch. I’m telling you, it’s amazing. Plus the views are that of the best Deer Valley ski runs so we had fun recapping our day on the mountain. 



Chris and I left Park City talking about how much we can’t wait to go back. We only skied one day, because we had so many other plans, so next time we will definitely be spending more time on the mountain. There’s just something to be said for a vacation in the snow, bundled up and trekking through the snow during the day, all cozied up by the fire at night, hot toddies, delicious warm comfort food, and your best friend! 




Have you been to Park City? Share your favorite places with me! 


Photos by Amelia Blaire


Choosing The Perfect Everyday Bag and What I Keep In Mine

I think there’s real merit to owning that “perfect bag”. The one that fits everything you need in a day and has the perfect amount of pockets and space for all of your things. One to haul all of your stuff around campus, work, or wherever you’re going in a day. The perfect bag also aids in the mindset of “look good, feel good”, for me anyway! If you’re using it every single day, then you might as well splurge on the one bag that will last!


There are a few key features that I look for when shopping for the perfect work/life/school bag. 


This isn’t 2004, we aren’t 1 strapping it down the high school hallways with a backpack full of books pulling our spines out of alignment. We want comfort! I tend to haul around a good amount of stuff on the day to day and I want to be comfortable (and look cute) while doing it. So step one when picking a bag is comfort. Is it a backpack style, or a shoulder strap? Make sure the shoulder strap feels good for you and consider how long the bag hangs on your side. Trust me, if you’re a shorter girl this matters, you don’t want the bag swinging into your knee-caps while you’re walking! 



A higher price often reflects better durability but you never know, so feel out the quality of the bag to make sure it’s going to hold up. Where are you taking this bag? Will it get dirty? Do you need to be able to fit it in smaller places like a locker? Leather can crease, but saude is sensitive. If the bag has too much structure it might not fit into a locker, but if it’s too soft your stuff won’t compartmentalize inside very well! 



Speaking of stuff. Keep it REAL with what size of bag you need. I love cute small purses but I can never fit everything I actually want to bring with me. If you’re choosing a bigger bag for day-to-day maybe this bag will also act as a carry-on when you travel in which case it better fit my book, a snack and a neck pillow as well. 



Get creative and see how you can combine fashion and function into what you want. I recommend sticking to a neutral color like brown, navy, or black which will be good for the whole year and match almost any outfit.



And of course we are considering the price. Bags can get really expensive but think about it, would you rather spend a little more and have it last you a few years or spend less and have to replace it more often? Plus you’re using it DAILY. I’m a huge advocate of investing in high quality items like clothing, bags, furniture etc. that I know will last me years. Honestly, if a bag is something that you need to save up for, that’s okay! I believe it’s an investment that will be worth it in the end.


My Bag of Choice 

Everyone is different, but I’m the type of person who has two bags: one for work and one that’s a little more fashionable for ‘everyday’ use. For work, I use the large Le Pliage tote by Longchamp. Yes, this was a bit of an investment as far a tote bags go but I love it because it’s durable, simple and cute. I like that there’s no strap but the handles are long enough for me to toss it over my shoulder. It holds everything that I need for my day and has a zipper to ensure that everything is secure inside. What’s really awesome about these bags is that if I’m not using it or want to bring it as an extra wardrobe option on a trip, it folds right up! I can toss it in my luggage and bring it with me wherever I’m going. 


In the Le Pliage tote is where I keep everything that I need for work. This includes work essentials like my badge, stethoscope, pens, trauma shears, and note cards. But there’s also plenty of room for everyday essentials like sunglasses, floss picks, gum, toothpaste and a toothbrush, some healthy snacks, headphones, chapstick, body spray, lotion, and tea. No matter how long my shift is, everything I could possibly need is found in my Le Pliage.

For everyday/personal life, I use a Big Black Bag to haul my life essentials around with me whether I’m running errands or off to a lunch date with friends. I like having the classic, female “bag that holds everything” rather than constantly switching purses and bags when I’m in a rush to head out.

Disclaimer: I have a bag problem, so you guys probably already know I have a few choices in my bag closet. But this one is my easy go-to. 

Here, I keep my essential accessories like sunglasses, extra hair ties, concealers, lip gloss, chapstick and of course, my wallet (which is basically a clutch bag in itself), phone, and keys. But you’ll also find hand sanitizer – especially during cold and flu season – a Tide-to-Go pen (come on, none of us are perfect), body lotion, as well as my OTC meds. There are doubles of some things between my two bags but as I said, I’d rather be able to grab the bag when I’m rushing out the door, rather than switching items back and forth. The only things that switch back and forth between each bag are my keys, wallet, and phone.

Safe to say my baggage situation is locked down and organized! At the end of the day I’d recommend investing in a good bag that you love, that holds everything you need and goes with any outfit. 


Photos by Zo’e Cole. 


The one accessory I won’t leave home without


I was never a watch girl before I met Chris. Yep, fully blaming him for yet another reason that I spend money! I always wore watches, but I put ZERO effort into finding a watch that meant something to me, or that I really enjoyed wearing.

Of course, I was a student and resident for a long time, so purchasing a nice watch was not on my radar. It kind of became another one of those “I made it” fashion pieces. Plus, I really believe that every professional should own a nice timepiece. Some people like Rolex, or Cartier. Chris is a huge Breitling fan (talk about Mr. fancy pants). But for some reason, Michele always made it on my radar. It always struck me as the ultimate girly, chic but classic watch.


I’ll never forget the first nice watch that I received. It was right after I passed my Emergency Medicine boards exam. Chris and I were out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and we had this wild idea to go to Nordstrom and look at the Michele watches, a brand I had always wanted to own. We got over to Nordstrom and they were closing. Guess we had one too many cocktails beforehand and lost track of time! Oops! Well Chris recited in his usual business savvy voice, “we are about to purchase a very nice watch, maybe you could let us in for just a few minutes?”. Well it worked! Officially the only people in Nordstrom with the lights all turning down.

We walked right up to that Michele counter and that’s where I joined the “big-girl watch” club, as I like to call it. My eyes lit up and we laughed the whole way home. She’s still my favorite Michele! Always will be.


IMG_2161 2

I chose this one first because it is classic with the two tone bracelet watch band so it can be worn with gold or silver.

Since then Chris has gifted me a Michele each Christmas. A beautiful silver Michele with more diamonds than my first one. She is SO gorgeous and every time I put her on I feel like I have a little more pep in my step!



I also own a sporty version now, pictured below, but I still don’t dare wear any of these to work. These are for my normal life moments!




Cut to my go-to watch at work… ALSO a gift from Chris (what is up with him and watches?), my Apple watch! This was the very first gift I ever received from Chris. Christmas 2016. I remember thinking, “damn this guy is good”!


Not sure I have to convince any of you about the Apple watch being awesome. Especially if you’re an iPhone and Mac user. Because I am running around the ED at light speed pace, it’s super helpful to have my watch to read text messages quickly AND our hospital uses TigerText, which is also usable on the Apple watch. Seriously… I was intubating a patient one day, all gloved up, and felt my watch buzz. I was able to read another patient’s radiology results while prepping to intubate the patient in front of me. RAD. Not to mention I can track my calories. I have found that the Apple watch is pretty accurate if you input your workout prior to starting.


I have fun with the bands and change them around here and there. Michele even makes bands for the Apple watch, but I have yet to go there. I like to keep the dirty, gritty Emergency Department apparel separate from my nice fashionable finds.



What is your watch of choice??


Photos by Zo’e Cole


Do you want to be comfortable in your own shoes?



Ask yourself, “how comfortable are my shoes that I wear on a daily basis”? Lucky for me, I wear scrubs to work, so I have the pleasure of pairing those with tennis shoes, and that’s very comfortable.

However… medicine is not my entire life, and I happen to love fashion. There’s nothing more I enjoy, than buying that perfect pair of shoes to go with my outfit for the evening. My problem has always been painful, arthritic feet. I was a ballerina for many years growing up, and my feet definitely feel it, now. I drool over cute boots and booties, stilettos and pumps, but my feel cannot tolerate any of them well. And that can really ruin a fun night!




I eventually had to suck it up and admit that I can’t buy every cute pair of shoes out there (even if I love them), because my feet just won’t tolerate them. I have had to be very selective of the shoes that I purchase.





Recently I found a brand that delivers both comfort AND style. Honestly, that has been hard to find because so many brands that are comfortable, just don’t look as fashionable as I would like. The Taryn Rose brand was created by an orthopedic surgeon (who obviously gets anatomy), and has a passion for design and style.

This brand has been designed with 360 degrees of comfort. When I first put these booties on, I noticed the arch support and glove-like feel of the shoe, which is definitely not something that my other booties have. They have unique insoles for enhanced flexibility, and leather linings that are breathable and soft. The shoes also have a memory foam footbed, that is antimicrobial and breathable. Doctor approved!






Since California decides to act like it’s summer all year long, I love to pair booties with a skirt. This look could totally work for day or night. I love the edgy vibe these booties give to any outfit. Extra edgy when paired with a leather skirt. Remember to pack those layers though! I always get chilly at night, and I love the fall/winter vibe that this fuzzy sweater brings to complete the outfit.




If you don’t live in California and actually have fall and winter, with real rain and snow, Taryn Rose just launched a weatherproof line! There are 11 available styles that are made with materials that provide superior protection against water infiltration and the harmful effects of calcium and salt. They are built with insulated linings to keep feet warm and dry. My favorite part? They are SO low maintenance. If they become dirty, a damp cloth will do the trick on leather, and a suede brush to clean your suede.




I’m a big fan of a black on black look, so when I saw these black leather booties I knew exactly what I would pair them with. I could wear black jeans everyday, I love them so much. Cuff them above the bootie as shown in the photo above, or tuck them in to your pants. Fave fall accessory to pair with black, white, or red… leopard. This little leopard clutch is low profile, the perfect size, and has leather trim to match with the booties.

These shoes in particular add a little pizazz to any outfit, with the metal embellishments on the side. I’ll admit, I love to wear basic pieces in solid colors, but these can be brought to life with accessories.



I wore these booties around town for the day, uphill and downhill; I did a lot of walking. I didn’t notice my usual foot pain or swelling. In fact, I could’ve worn them for longer. In the past, my feet need freedom after an hour, max!

Lately I have had to ask myself, “is being in pain really worth it”? And how do I feel about spending A LOT of money for designer shoes, when they are still uncomfortable? Honestly… I’ve reached the point where I’m putting comfort first. Besides, comfort really is the ultimate luxury.

Taryn Rose shoes are available at and select national retailers and boutiques.

I’m jumping into the Black Friday and the holidays in style! Check out for 30% off with code BLACKFRIDAY. 

Outfit inspo below!



Blog post sponsored by Taryn Rose, Photos captured by Zo’e Cole 

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