Have you guys made it through all of your typical playlists and podcasts by now? I know I have! Music has really been getting me through my days in a productive manner. I try to avoid TV until later in the evening because (let’s be honest) there are SO many tempting series out there right now.

So here are some of my favorite playlists! Some are Spotify curated, others are direct from my all-time favorites that keep me moving. I listen to a little bit of EVERYTHING, promise you won’t judge! I think I’m supposed to disclose that there may be some explicits… 🙂

When you’re still waking up over your cup of coffee.

Try this if you feel inspired to hit the pavement for some exercise, or just need a feel good list.

If you’re a lover of French or European culture and looking for the perfect pairing to your glass of vino.

If you’re looking for a little time travel back into the 90’s/2000’s.

For that romantic date night in your home (but you want to feel like you’re elsewhere).

This playlist is from a trip that C and I took to Mexico. It’s been one of my favorites ever since!


Hopefully these playlists did their job and made you tap your foot, shimmy in your mirror, or enjoy your day a little bit more!

Share some of your favorite quaran-tunes with me in the comments section!

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