Let’s talk about the V

This post has been created in partnership with AZO Complete Feminine Balance®, but all opinions are my own.

A couple of disclosures:

1. I am not a specialist in genitourinary health. My statements and opinions are based on my own research, analysis, and patient reviews. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
2. No one should read this and assume this information applies to everyone. Each patient is different, and any decision to start a new medication OR supplement, should be made individually with your doctor.


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It’s not everyday you find a blog post discussing the V. Yah, that’s right, I mean the vagina. It’s not as scary when you say it out loud three times!

I love talking about medicine, health, and wellness. I really have NO shame. I can’t! I have pretty much seen it all, in the Emergency Department. Ladies, we all know how confusing the information about women’s health can be. So when I get an opportunity to learn about a product and educate all of YOU, I get excited! As an Emergency Medicine Physician, I see female patients and perform pelvic exams regularly. As a female of course, I also get my required pelvic exams from my physician. So I get it. And let’s be honest, none of us enjoy those exams. **Insert eye roll here**.

So what is AZO anyways? You may have heard of the brand, or seen it in drugstores when shopping around. The AZO brand has a complete line of urinary, vaginal, and bladder health products.

AZO Complete Feminine Balance® Daily Probiotic was created to help protect vaginal health, and restore and maintain the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast. The vagina is home to a host of live yeast and bacteria colonies, AKA the vaginal microbiome. When it’s in balance, everything is all good! It’s like your vagina’s own little defense system. Unfortunately, all of life’s happenings such as your period, pregnancy, or stress can disrupt its delicate balance, leaving you with infection and discomfort. Awkward!

AZO Complete Feminine Balance® Daily Probiotic contains IntellafloraTM, otherwise known as a four strain blend of the most dominant lactobacilli in the vaginal microflora. Not all probiotics are equal, as bacteria is different in all different parts of the body. This probiotic was designed specifically for vaginal health and pH balance. AZO in particular, can work in up to 7 days§, and is safe and effective for pregnant women.

Now let’s talk about what our lady parts are susceptible to. I commonly see vaginal infections that bring a wide range of symptoms that can be very bothersome.

The most frequent question I get is- “what am I doing wrong”? The answer little lady; often times nothing! Every woman’s body is different. There are many factors that play a role in contracting infections. Adding AZO Complete Feminine Balance®daily probiotic helps support natural defenses to specifically maintain vaginal health. Keep in mind: AZO is not marketed as a specific treatment for these infections. But always consult your doctor if you feel it’s necessary.

We really are complex, ladies. Men have always been right… it’s just not our fault!

I’ve given you the science, and now I’ll give you my clinical experience. I see a variety of patients in the Emergency Department. Many of these patients are women who come in with genitourinary complaints. I have the same conversations with each of them- history, surgeries, medications, etc. A large amount of these patients, when asked about supplements, have endorsed using a number of AZO products. I would say it is the most popular brand used by my patients who present for genitourinary complaints. I have always been curious about patient results when using these probiotics, and many endorse them for maintenance of their vaginal health.

Ladies, if you are out there thinking and wondering if there’s an answer for you, ask your doctor about AZO Complete Feminine Balance®. Again, this is an individualized decision that should be made with a medical professional. Keep in mind this is true especially if you are immunocompromised or have chronic medical conditions.

To my medical providers who are reading this- patients WILL ask you about this product. Educate yourself, try it out if you feel it’s a good option for you, and be open to what is out there outside of the medications you learn about in your pharmacology class and from your textbooks. This is super important in order to relate to your patients.

To my non-medical community- hopefully after reading this you feel a little less embarrassed by the taboo out there that surrounds the vagina, pelvic exams, and how us ladies can keep ourselves “in check” down there.


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AZO Complete Feminine Balance® and Intellaflora TM are trademarks of DSM.

§Results demonstrated in clinical studies.

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