I’ll take one juice with a side of bacteria to go, please


Life on the go is never easy. You have to find the right routine that’ll keep you on time, find the right foods and drinks to keep you going, and the right attitude, of course.

I’m not really sure why I am always rushing off somewhere or another. I guess if you combine both Chris and I’s schedules, it makes perfect sense. But I still find myself scratching my head sometimes thinking, “is there an easier way?”. At this point I’ve learned to accept the madness that is our lives, with ever changing work schedules and sleep patterns.

It’s funny, even on our days off I feel like we are running around. That leads to breakfast or lunch on-the-go. We typically stick to protein bars, coffee, or a juice; something that has the appropriate nutrients to keep us going but that won’t weigh us down or make us tired. And if I can get Chris to actually ask for/want vegetables (even in juice form), that makes me a HAPPY GIRL. All photos of him in this blog post were not posed, simply a happy wife taking real time photos of his healthy choice for the day!

I don’t do juice cleanses, but I really enjoy implementing them into my daily diet because it’s an easy way to get fruit and veggies in. I will say however, I am VERY picky about which brands I purchase.

I had tried Evolution Fresh juices in the past, because we frequently stop at Starbucks and they are sold there. The accessibility of this brand is key, for me. This brand is 100% organic, gluten-free, and kosher plus the juices are cold-pressed using high pressure processing to ensure they are flavorful and safe to drink. Personally, I like to drink greens because I lack these in my diet (just being honest). Greens & Ginger and Green Devotion are my faves although the fruitier ones like their watermelon juice are great to add to lunch on a hot summer’s day.

They also came out with a Kombucha line recently, and the flavors are on point.


Let me back up for a second. I have been drinking Kombucha for years. In my mind, it has always been a healthier way to experience a flavorful beverage without the sugar or calories. If you look around in grocery stores today, you’ll see it everywhere. It seems like a “fad”, but it really is nothing new. Kombucha has actually been around for THOUSANDS of years.


So what is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sweetened green or black tea that is fermented using symbiotic bacteria and yeast (now we’re talking my science language, it basically means they’re friends and live together while benefiting each other). The living bacteria are said to be probiotic, which is why it gets buzz for being a “health product”. The name is reportedly derived from the Korean physician who brought fermented tea to Japan, Dr. Kombu.


What is your favorite flavor of Evolution Fresh Kombucha?

This one is tough, because Evolution Fresh offers so many great flavors. Again I would have to go with a greens base being my favorite because I know I want the extra veggies in my diet. The Spicy Greens blend has a little kick, and I’m a huge fan of spice in my diet! They also have a Ginger Lemon Honeycrisp and Pink Grapefruit blend, which are super refreshing, and would be my choice of a lunch time beverage or if I’m en route to an afternoon event.



Is Kombucha good for you?

There are phytochemicals and nutrients in the beverage that have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Kombucha is also rich in certain vitamins. Animal studies that have been done, show it could be beneficial for liver and kidney health, and may help to reduce complications of various diseases. Studies in humans have not been conclusive. Just like any other beverage or food out there, you should be checking the label! Don’t forget to check the serving size. Many drinks have 2 servings in each bottle. Evolution Fresh Kombucha has less than or equal to 5g sugar per serving and this is a huge plus for me. I tend to drink one serving (half a bottle) at a time, especially if Chris and I are sharing.




Why I drink kombucha.

I used to drink sugary juice and soda, even diet soda, but once I realized what I was consuming, I had to stop. My palate however, still wants something other than coffee or water (boring), on a regular basis. This is my way of adding a little flavor to my life, with potential health benefits included.

Is Kombucha alcoholic?

Technically, yes. But it contains so little alcohol, that you won’t feel any “buzz”. Retailers require that non-alcoholic beverages on the shelves have <0.5% alcohol.A light beer contains 2-3%, for comparison. In the past, there were some issues with certain brands having more than this allotted amount, due to improper completion of the second fermentation process, and kombucha was withdrawn from many grocery stores. Now, the process of brewing has become much more streamlined and regulatory.

Is Kombucha dangerous?

I wouldn’t recommend brewing your own Kombucha, as the process needs to be perfect and sterile. But the brands sold in stores are not dangerous. There are reports out there of lactic acidosis secondary to ingesting too much Kombucha, but in my opinion as a physician, you would have to consume VERY LARGE amounts in order to even make this a potential outcome. Stick to my usual mantra- balance and moderation, and you’ll be just fine.




I may have given up soda, but my beverage game is still strong. You can still get the nutrients you need, with an on-the-go lifestyle, while enjoying what you’re drinking. There’s just something about that unique, funky beverage that satisfies my palate, with a side of bacteria for later.

Have you tried Evolution Fresh? You can find them here.


Blog post sponsored by Evolution Fresh.


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    1. Good point! I personally drink it only occasionally so not super worried about the acidity but I could totally see that affecting someone if they’re drinking it daily! Thanks for sharing!

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