How you can help with the coronavirus pandemic

I have received a ton of messages asking how you can help during this worldwide pandemic. I compiled a quick list of things you can consider, that I KNOW will make a difference. 


  • Donate blood- many areas have a shortage. It is considered an “essential” service so Red Cross locations are open and going to your local Red Cross can really help hospitals/patients in need. Make an appointment HERE
  • Order from your favorite local restaurant to support their business, or BONUS- send some of your favorite takeout food to a local hospital. A lot of restaurants are using delivery services like Postmates or Uber Eats, but many are also offering curbside pick up!
    • I’ve received a lot of questions as to whether or not it is safe to do this. The experts have all said YES, and I agree. I trust that any business will be taking extreme measures to protect their employees and clients/guests. If it’s a restaurant I would visit regularly, I trust them the same with delivery or pick up during this time. Coronavirus can live on objects but it has not been shown to be transmitted through food ingestion, if it were sitting on your food. You could argue that eating out at ANY time comes with a small risk because there are tons of GI bugs out there. I choose to trust that this risk is low, and continue to live and support local businesses. 
    • Emergency Departments and other healthcare operations nationwide would love your food donations at this time. Inside info: sometimes we don’t get breaks, we are almost always hungry on shift, and will eat anything we can find! 
  • Check your supplies for any masks you may have and donate to your local hospital or clinic. 
    • There is a massive shortage on personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospital workers right now. So much so that the CDC is recommending homemade masks if nothing else is available. 
    • Check your garage in case you happen to have some leftover masks from a home project, or if your a clinic worker (dentist, or other provider that isn’t working at this time) consider donating some of your supplies. 
    • If you are based in NYC and have OR need PPE, a follower of mine sent me this helpful link. There are multiple drop off locations throughout the city and the website notes which hospital the PPE will be donated to. 
    • This GoFundMe page will help NYC and Brooklyn healthcare providers purchase more PPE. 
  • Shop for an elderly family or healthcare worker in your neighborhood
    • The Next Door app and other neighborhood apps are banding together to arrange shopping and delivery for those that are unable to do it for themselves.
  • Help the kids!
    •  We know that kids receive education at schools, but they also receive meals there. This has presented a challenge for so many families whose children are now home everyday. You can donate to No Kid Hungry here, and First Book here
  • Be mindful of how much you buy at grocery stores. This is not the time to hoard. 
    • Hopefully the panic is dying down a bit, but many grocery stores still have lines to get in, as they can only let so many in at a time. Consider those behind you who may also need some of what you’re buying. 
  • Donate to the CDC foundation. 
    • This will always help the cause. The CDC works hard to put out relevant and accurate information as soon as it is available, as well as provide supplies and research. 
  • Stay home.  
    • This part is super important. Not all states are on official “shelter in place” orders. But please pretend that you are. Leave the house only for essential items (groceries, meds, emergencies, work (if it is essential)). You can enjoy the outdoors but do not congregate or get together with anyone outside your household. 
    • Social distancing is key. 6 feet apart from others when in public. 


Hopefully this gives you a few options if you are itching to help our country recover from this. If you have any other requests or ideas please send them my way! I am happy to repost, share, educate on any other opportunities that may be available. 


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132 thoughts on “How you can help with the coronavirus pandemic

  1. These are such great tIps! I ESPECIALLY love that you clarified thaT it is safe to be doing takeout. It’s such an important time to support the local businesses we loVe!

  2. I love this post! I’m an ID doc and i love all the encouraging suggestions on how to keep us close (yet distanced) during these trying times! stay safe in the ER!

  3. As a new yorker, this really hits home. Thank you so Much for sharing and keeping everyone in the Know. Stay safe xx

  4. I’m a 1st year Em resident and my goodness is this pandemic overwhelming!! But I wouldn’t change it for the world. My nephew also loves to video call me and ask about my day. Really puts a huge smile on my face!!

    Thanks again for this post! Everyone please donate blood if you can!! ❤️

  5. Hi! Its so refreshing to Read about this pandemic from someone who is in the fRontline because it cOmes with clarity and Truth. I am a medical scribe in the ed and i absolutelY aGree with supporting small Restaurants that are barely surviVing amid all This; one of the things we do in our er is either chIp in money to pre-Order from a local neArby restaurant or Most times, the physIcians are kind Enough to bring RESTAURANT food for everyone. You guys are Truly the Real troops. 🤗

  6. All of thesE are so important right NOw!! Love how you brought up eating local! We’ve been trying to twice a week to help little local spots stay open during this crazy tIme! Plus i SECRETLY love eaTing my favorite restaurants at home!! Donations are so helpFul especially in a tIme like this!

  7. one thing to keep in mind with ordering food — if there is an option to get delivery straight from the restaurant, use this over postmates/grubhub/etc, as they will get to keep more of the profits! A lot of areas are doing #takeouttuesday which is a great way to support small businesses and also try different local restaurants!

  8. These are great tips that anyone could follow. Even if you cant donate there are smAll every day changes that make an iMpact, such as hoarding groceries. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I Am In nursing school and currently work as a pct. it is crAzy and uncertain times we are lIving in. Thanks for sharing this post! I know it helps a lot Of people feel better, like thEy have a sense of control, when they know thEir actions matter.

  10. Really greAt sugGEStions, my class donated baked goods from local busInesses to hospital staff, small supportive acts go a long way in tImes like this!

  11. I am a big proponent of GivIng yourself and your family a break. during this time it’s ok to slow down, take it day by day or week by week. Mental Health is important now, especially with social distancing. Many emotions come into play and its important to be gentLe and kind with others To help lessen the stress and maybe bring a smile to their day!

  12. Love this! Thanks for so mAny helpful tips and resources! This is the kind of information we need to help calm the panic

  13. This is one of my FAVORITE posts. as a premed applying this cycle, i’m always looking for new ways to help out (especially since I can no longer volunteer the hospital due to covid-19). this is so helpful. thank you for spreading the word and encouraging those around you. keep on shining a light in this world!

  14. No lie, your website/ig was the Only place i was Going to for info and what to do regarding thE coronavirus. Thank you so much for All that you do! 💕

  15. These tips are amazing. It is refreshing to get information in a calm fashion so that im not having a panic attack after reading it! There are so many things on sOcial media that are triggering for people who are scared. Thank tou For being so honest.

  16. great tips! we had to postpone our wedding from 4/4, so we asked all of our guests to donate to a nyc foodbank (where we live). we raised almost $1000 in a few hours! it felt really great to make the most of our wedding date and help others in this crazy time.

  17. These are great tipS! We can all do our best to help keep each other and our frontline workers safe! Im a fp doc and love all the tips you share! Stay safe!

  18. My HUSBAND and i dOnated blood but are now looking for a location to be tested for coVid 19 antibodies. We both like to donate our plasma if we have had. Do you know if a location testing for covId 19 ANTIBODIES?

  19. Its Snowing in chicago so we are having no issUes staying inside. We have also been using our 3D printer to make Face SHIELDS for the local hospitals. Its a crazy time!

  20. Really really wishing i could donate blood (O- here) but i Cant even count how many times ive been exposed in the hospital 🙁

    Also we’ve most definitely been ordering from our fave local RestauranTs (a little too much PROBABLY but hey, its a pandemic)

  21. great advice! supporting our local restaurants and breweries have been so important. we love our neighborhood and want everyone to survive by staying open long after this passes.

  22. Hey Dr. M!! Thank you for sharing these insights on how to help. I too Am all About supporting local restaurants, aNd small BUSINESSES need the love if we can Reach out.

  23. Just signed up to donate blood. I work in an IM/Peds clinic and we have been slow but haven’t had to let anyone go which is a blessing.

  24. Good advice for sure. I am a Critical Care PA in Virginia and we are lucky to not have been hit as hard as many places, but this is a marathon not a sprint and the Better we can work together the sooner we can put this behind us!

  25. Thank you so much for this post!! I am a pre-PA student and have been looking for ways to contribute or volunteer.

    I love the idea of Providing food to heAlthcare workers and helping feed kids!

    Thanks for all the tips!! And thanks for working on the frontline – you are so appreciated!

  26. Thank you for this post! I’m feeling like I want to help, but never sure how. Seeing this from someone on the frontlines was so motivating to be productive in safe ways from home.

  27. Love getting your advice on this topic in thEse crazy times we are living in. I Love How you use this platform as a medical professional to eDucate, rEassure people, and raise awareness. Especially love all of your tips such as not hoarding at the grocery store And being miNdful to leave enough for others because we are in this Battle together.

  28. Love this! So helpful to know all the different ways to get involved and lend a hand. One of my favorite restaurants is focusing on Delivery and through $10 donations has been delivering meals routinely to our local Ed.

  29. Thank you for sharing, cassie. I know a lot of us are feeling helpless as well as even bored aT times so helping us feEl purposeful is much appreciated.

  30. I love your updates! I always update my hubby on what you have said😁. To make sure he is up to date as Well!

  31. Such great tip! DEFINITELY ordering out more and looking into DONATING blood. Thanks for adding links! Stay safe

  32. I love this post!! Its crazy that tHeres still some people don’t believe in the reality of wHat is Happening but these are great tips to carry with us everyday to keep ourselves and others saFe!

  33. Thanks for touching On the concern Of whetHer or not its safe to send foOd to hospitals, i know this Is a questions that has come up a bunch!

  34. Great tips! i’m a volunteer with a hospice group and since we cannot physically see our patients currently, i’ve been able to work with my organization in findings alternative methods to check in and connect. I would highly recommend getting creative and resourceful with any volunteer groups you are already apart of to figure out how to help others.

  35. Love this post! As you keep it positive and encouraging! I’m graduating med school this year and a lot of friends and family ask me about all of this, so thanks for the pointers!

  36. Auch a great post to tead at this time. My daughter just gave blood Last week. We are trying too supPOrt our lical famiLy restaurants.

  37. Love all of these! We have been making sure to get plenty of takeout. I would hate for any of our favorite restaurants to be gone after all of This is over. Curious though; We are In socal, and my neighbor works for the red croSs, and CONSTANTLY complains about how they are not following guidElines to social distance whilE on these blood drives. I guess a few of them have walkeD out when being asked to do these drives and then they notice that they have donors crowded into rooms and not always being provided with any protective gear. Is this something you’ve observed also?

  38. Your positivity and realness is a breath of fresh air during these strange times! Keep up the good work!

  39. Thank you for your selfless commitment to serving👏🏻👏🏻 Also, I appreciate the tips you provided and plan to continue to follow your recommendations as well as the government. We have a large family and hope to keep everyone healthy!

  40. Thank you for the ideas to help… as a PA student who will be graduating in 2.5 months, but isn’t currently allowed on rotation, it can make you feel helpless to know there is need that you can’t help meet. I changed my mindset to be grateful that I am able to remain safe, happy to give up my PPE to those who need it like my brother who is graduating from his EMed residency this June and is currently working in various ICUs taking care of those who need it most.

  41. Just a tip I heard about ordering through the food delivery services: apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc don’t give a portion of the profits to the restaurant they’re delivering from. So the restaurant is better off financially if you order straight from them for pickup! And many restaurants are doing their own delivery services as well (:

  42. Hi there!
    I just wanted to say thank you for always providing amazing content! During these times it’s so nice to read your content! As an ED nurse I love to hear what you have to say.

    Xo Elyse

  43. Great tips, thanks for getting some useful and true information out to the public- it’s needed with all the rumors I hear floating around. I’m an EM resident and feel like I’m constantly having to reframe things people have been told by non medical professionals or seen on Facebook! Crazy times but grateful to being doing what I love and thanks for all that you do on and off shift!!

  44. I appreciate all the of the information and suggestions during these times! It is nice to hear from a healthcare worker who is working on the front lines! Stay safe!

  45. As a nurse here in Canada, I think most of these are also applicable! It has been interesting to see our daily changes and updates – initially we weren’t accepting PPE donations, and now I think we are in some capacity.

    It’s blown my mind at how generous our communities are – I work in a rural site, doing acute med/surg, labour and delivery, and fill in in our ER when I can, and having the community support we do has been incredible. From making “ear savers” now that we have to constantly wear masks, to making us masks to use in public, I’ll be forever grateful.

    Hope you’re staying safe!

  46. Great tips!! Love this coming from a fellow medical provider.. shopping local is so important and donating blood cannot be overstated. Thank you for all the work you put into educating!!

  47. This article is fantastic! I’ve been encouraging people to get out and donate blood! The American Red Cross is amping you their game to make it super safe during this crazy time! Stay safe & healthy!

  48. I completely agree. It is so important to support our local businesses by getting take out when you can afford it. Thank you for sharing the Next Door app!! What an awesome way to help my community. Thank you for spreading facts about taking care of our health and others in the midst of a scary time.

  49. Awesome tips! As far as ordering delivery and pickup, try to order directly from your local restaurant’s website if they offer the service. UberEats and other apps tend to charge a fee of up to 30% to the restaurant, so it is nice to order straight from the source here and there.
    Love your blog!

  50. It’s overwhelming to think how much help is needed but also amazing to see people pitch in and help others out. We can get through this!

  51. One of the only accounts/people I can continuously go-to during all of this and count on calm, reliable information that also encourages critical thinking & common sense! Thank you for keeping it so real with all of us & providing accurate information!

  52. Ahh I love these tips! Thanks for helping spread awareness. I love your relaxed demeanor, it really helps calm me too.

  53. Even in the darkest of times, the bright light of compassionate people helping others gives me such hope . Thank you for this post. Let’s all do our part to come together and get through this trying time! Xx

  54. As a healthcare worker, Im still busy at work but trying to do my part to also take care of the community, shop local, and eat lots of our favorite takeout!

    Thanks for your advocacy on this front!

  55. As a third year, we’re in this difficult position – we’ve been on rotations/in the hospital, so we WANT to help and be useful, but we also know that we’re too green and may just be in the way. This was a great list of tips to still give back to the community we love!

  56. This is an awesome post, there are so many ways people can help and these are such creative ways to help people that are so in need! Thank you!!

  57. Thank you for giving these tips. You have done such a great job of providing information but not spreading panic as well on your Instagram. I look forward to seeing what you have to say each day!

  58. I LOVE this! I’m a first year PA student, and at times feel pretty useless and I want to be able help out more but this reminds us all that we have a very important part to play even if we aren’t on the frontlines!

  59. These are all such great tips! I’ve been trying to do take out every week to support local businesses. Not only is it supporting local businesses, but it’s also something I can look forward to every week!

  60. Thank you for posting this. There are so many ways to help that people forget the little things or even the big ones. I in fact donated this morning to our local Austin Central Texas Food Bank, which helps with other hunger-relief programs.

  61. These are such great recs! I’m a PA in women’s health and really enjoy reading your clear and evidence-based content!

  62. Love the idea of shopping for a neighbor. It’s so simple but can make someone’s day so much easier! I’ve also tried to keep a “routine” in the morning to make sure my day sort of has a plan. Doesn’t always work but I think the effort counts!

  63. This post is what I needed right now! Thank you for helping us all stay positive and also find ways to help out the community

  64. I love the idea of shopping for the elderly or healthcare workers in your neighborhood. It’s amazing that something like this high stress could bring a community so close. It’s a bitter/ sweet thing to be living through.

  65. Such great tips! Thanks for clarifying about takeout food… I have been a little nervous, but missing Mexican food! Lol!

  66. I donated blood right as all of this was starting because I knew it would be needed (I’m O neg). I’m a PA student that’s graduating in August (hopefully) and my program and the med school had a massive blood drive to help out since we can’t help in the hospitals right now.
    I’ve also been begging people to donate any masks or gloves they have to their local hospitals. And trying to encourage people I know to stay home and only leave for necessities, and most importantly, stay updated with what the CDC and WHO are saying, not necessarily what a random Facebook post says.

  67. Thanks for all the suggestions! What better advice than of a doctor herself! Thanks for all you do and all the other advice you offer on your stories. Always looking forward to watching your stories on Instagram.

  68. So important right now to support everyone around us. It’s so important we still support these small businesses! Love all the recommendations for ways to give as well, great to know!

  69. Love the tips! Greatly needed at a time like this. Especially important is donating blood, when typical community blood drives are not being held, there is a huge shortage! Everyone who is able should try to do their part 💫

  70. As an incoming EM resident, I have to say I appreciate your level non-alarmist but also non-blasé approach to this crisis. Every time I read your stuff/watch your stories I feel less like the sky is falling.

    Also, I want to thank you again for your Match Day Instagram live! It really helped make my day more special!

  71. I’ve loved all of our covid tips! Also really helps to think about what we CAN do instead of what we can’t do right now. So much good can still happen! We’ve tried to support local businesses and my husband has been caring for our elderly neighbors’ yard since their kids can’t come over right now!

  72. I love all these tips! Honestly it’s so important to just stay home and wash our hands. Sometimes me and my S.O don’t agree on everything going on with Covid and it’s exhausting. Any tips? I’m more realistic and he’s hoping it ends soon.

  73. I had 1 terrible blood draw as a child and even though I don’t remember it for a long time I had panic attacks whenever I had to get blood drawn. Really want to get over my fear and donate at our next hospital blood drive!

  74. This pandemic can be overwhelming at times. There’s been so much change everywhere. Lockdowns, curfews, policy changes at the hospitals.. (for example no visitations from families, limited PPE for us nurses).
    I’ve followed many of the tips you’ve mentioned I’ve even made myself a homemade masks, with an N95 filter inside. My question is is anyone else having trouble finding Lysol, Clorox wipes ?? (Stores are always empty and I cant buy them from amazon, they only sell to hospitals ).

  75. I love your suggestion about donating blood! Our hospital has been holding blood drives due to local shortages and they have amazing protocols set up to ensure those donating can do so safely while maintaining social distancing. Keep encouraging everyone to go out and do so!

  76. I live in Washington and we have a shelter in place. I’m an EMT and I’m not usually the type to feel the need to express my opinion about someone else’s actions but in this case I’m really conflicted. Our roommate‘s girlfriend is still coming over to our house and staying all the time even though I tell them I’ve had multiple COVID patients AND my boyfriend is still working at an Amazon station so she is really increasing her risk for no reason (she has her own place). She also has two young kids. I have brought it up twice now that they need to be extra careful when they’re here and tell them what I’ve been exposed to, plus had a fever a few days ago. Anyway, it’s stressing me out because I don’t want to be the person that gives it to her and her kids if I did get it and she has the chance to quarantine at her house and eliminate that extra risk. If you were in my position would you continue to stress to her it’s not a good idea to come over right now? Or would you save yourself the stress since you’ve already mentioned it twice and her actions are most likely not going to change? I feel like at this point I should just accept she’s an adult who is responsible for her own safety. But I keep thinking this virus is worth being pushy about and continuing to express my concerns to her because what if the next time I say something she finally makes a change and acts more responsibly?

  77. I think you highlighted everything perfectly. Specially the part about the importance of getting fresh air but being self conscious of keeping 6 feet away. A lot of people are not doing that and I think it’s important for out mental health!

  78. I’m a nurse working in the ICU during this pandemic. I love every tip you gave for people to help out with the pandemic. I think a lot of people feel helpless during this time but there is no reason to! Thank you for your words.

  79. I love this! As a PA student I’ve been feeling so stagnant during all of this and not sure how I can help since we are non-essential during this time. Definitely going to do my part thanks to these ideas ❤️

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