FIGS x Lululemon Immersion

Hi friends! As I’m sure you saw last week, I spent some time in Ojai, CA, at the FIGS x Lululemon Immersion with other like-minded healthcare professionals! This retreat included fellow doctors, physician assistants, nurses, vets, dentists, and students in all fields! The goal for the weekend was to get away from life’s significant stressors and look at how we’re treating our personal pressure. The saying goes that you can’t pour from a cup that’s not full and so the retreat highlighted the importance of filling our own metaphorical cups before serving our patients/clients, etc. 



My 5 Core Values

Over the weekend, we were asked to reflect on core values that were important to us and consider how we fit them into our day-to-day. My 5 core values were honesty, reliability, kindness, positivity, and happiness. I really had to settle into those words and use the weekend to help me a) figure out what they were, and b) where I see these or emanate these values in my day-to-day reality. Honesty and reliability are two huge components of the work that I do as an MD. Additionally, kindness, positivity, and happiness are things I pride myself on providing to others, but also thrive in settings where these things are prominent.


We were given time to reflect on questions and provided prompts to really analyze where we are currently at emotionally and mentally. Wow, what a fantastic opportunity! So often, we forget to truly stop and check-in with ourselves! 

What Do I Miss About Myself?

This question really struck me. As we keep moving in life, we often forget that there’s a person we’re leaving behind. As we grow and “shed” new skin and move forward as people, we tend to forget the things that once motivated and shaped us. For me, it was definitely missing my naive sense of reality and excitement for the smallest things. Getting caught up in the seriousness of life can definitely dull down that optimism – which is okay! I’m so happy to be the mature female that I am today, but it’s crazy to look back and see someone different! 


I also miss my more positive attitude! It’s almost ridiculous to admit. Still, my job can cause me to bring a lot of negativity into my personal life. Whether it’s been a stressful day and I maybe take it out on Chris, or just forgetting the joy in the small things – like an accidental upsize at Starbucks! I really long to come back to that simpler and better way of thinking!


Where Do I Feel Stuck?

This question hit home because, on paper, it seems like I’m definitely not stuck! As I mentioned, my life is continually moving forward! However, I’ve definitely noticed that medicine is my comfort zone – which is crazy! That high paced Emergency Department is my comfort zone! But I absolutely love what I do and feel like I thrive in the setting that I’m in. This is a good thing, but it definitely limits my willingness to adventure outside of it! 


I guess you could say that’s what I’ve chosen to do with this blog and Instagram page! Get myself out of my comfort zone and ensure that I’m always learning! Sometimes I tell myself that I don’t have the experience or education to pursue other things. Still, I think that’s an incorrect assumption, as well. I never had blogging experience before – yet here I am! There’s always the reality and fear that people won’t want to hear what I’m putting out there as well, so the support of this blog just truly means the world to me!



Your Own Reflection

I encourage you to ask yourself these same 3 questions


  1. What are my 5 core values?
  2. What do I miss about myself?
  3. Where do I feel stuck?


See how true you can answer them! You don’t need a fancy immersion experience like me, I invite you to create your own! Maybe get some girlfriends together over wine and charcuterie and chat about these topics together, or simply find a journal or a piece of paper and jot down some notes. Use the questions that I’ve provided above to start as prompts for yourself and maybe check back in once every 6 months. This can be a super useful way to increase self-awareness! 


Another great option is meditation! Certain apps and programs will even provide self-reflection and journaling prompts which can also be great! I encourage you to incorporate these practices into your own life, since doing it I’ve been much more aware of my attitude and day to day choices. Drop me a comment below to fill me if you’ve completed the exercise or leave a comment on my Instagram page! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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  1. It’s so fun watching your journey and all that you make extra time for. Checking in w/ myself has definitely been a top priority during my journey to become a PA. It’s ironic how often I catch myself putting things on hold, waiting until I get that PA school acceptance, to do the things I love. However, this pause on the fun and other values has taken a toll, and getting back into the groove of fun things has surprisingly been difficult. Fortunately, I am learning to be gentle and compassionate with myself, leaving space for new adventures and bringing back the things that once upon a time brought so much joy, like dancing in my room and volunteering. So thanks girl, for the constant motivation, happiness, and adventure you bring to your feed.

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