Do you want to be comfortable in your own shoes?



Ask yourself, “how comfortable are my shoes that I wear on a daily basis”? Lucky for me, I wear scrubs to work, so I have the pleasure of pairing those with tennis shoes, and that’s very comfortable.

However… medicine is not my entire life, and I happen to love fashion. There’s nothing more I enjoy, than buying that perfect pair of shoes to go with my outfit for the evening. My problem has always been painful, arthritic feet. I was a ballerina for many years growing up, and my feet definitely feel it, now. I drool over cute boots and booties, stilettos and pumps, but my feel cannot tolerate any of them well. And that can really ruin a fun night!




I eventually had to suck it up and admit that I can’t buy every cute pair of shoes out there (even if I love them), because my feet just won’t tolerate them. I have had to be very selective of the shoes that I purchase.





Recently I found a brand that delivers both comfort AND style. Honestly, that has been hard to find because so many brands that are comfortable, just don’t look as fashionable as I would like. The Taryn Rose brand was created by an orthopedic surgeon (who obviously gets anatomy), and has a passion for design and style.

This brand has been designed with 360 degrees of comfort. When I first put these booties on, I noticed the arch support and glove-like feel of the shoe, which is definitely not something that my other booties have. They have unique insoles for enhanced flexibility, and leather linings that are breathable and soft. The shoes also have a memory foam footbed, that is antimicrobial and breathable. Doctor approved!






Since California decides to act like it’s summer all year long, I love to pair booties with a skirt. This look could totally work for day or night. I love the edgy vibe these booties give to any outfit. Extra edgy when paired with a leather skirt. Remember to pack those layers though! I always get chilly at night, and I love the fall/winter vibe that this fuzzy sweater brings to complete the outfit.




If you don’t live in California and actually have fall and winter, with real rain and snow, Taryn Rose just launched a weatherproof line! There are 11 available styles that are made with materials that provide superior protection against water infiltration and the harmful effects of calcium and salt. They are built with insulated linings to keep feet warm and dry. My favorite part? They are SO low maintenance. If they become dirty, a damp cloth will do the trick on leather, and a suede brush to clean your suede.




I’m a big fan of a black on black look, so when I saw these black leather booties I knew exactly what I would pair them with. I could wear black jeans everyday, I love them so much. Cuff them above the bootie as shown in the photo above, or tuck them in to your pants. Fave fall accessory to pair with black, white, or red… leopard. This little leopard clutch is low profile, the perfect size, and has leather trim to match with the booties.

These shoes in particular add a little pizazz to any outfit, with the metal embellishments on the side. I’ll admit, I love to wear basic pieces in solid colors, but these can be brought to life with accessories.



I wore these booties around town for the day, uphill and downhill; I did a lot of walking. I didn’t notice my usual foot pain or swelling. In fact, I could’ve worn them for longer. In the past, my feet need freedom after an hour, max!

Lately I have had to ask myself, “is being in pain really worth it”? And how do I feel about spending A LOT of money for designer shoes, when they are still uncomfortable? Honestly… I’ve reached the point where I’m putting comfort first. Besides, comfort really is the ultimate luxury.

Taryn Rose shoes are available at and select national retailers and boutiques.

I’m jumping into the Black Friday and the holidays in style! Check out for 30% off with code BLACKFRIDAY. 

Outfit inspo below!



Blog post sponsored by Taryn Rose, Photos captured by Zo’e Cole 

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