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If you’re like me, then back to school feels like a very refreshing time of the year. It’s like a mini new year within the year filled with resolutions, goals, and new pretty planners! (Hellooooo Target!) That being said, going back to school can be a rough adjustment after the summer – especially if this school year involves new changes. Maybe you’re heading into your senior year of high school or your first year of college and you’re moving away. Or maybe you’re heading off to grad school! Maybe, you’re in the middle of your degree and wondering if it’s the right choice for you. It’s all good, I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you kill it this year.

Outfit = Attitude

First things first, attitude is everything and thats starts with your outfit. Dress for success is one of my favorite mottos. Be sure to pick an outfit that makes you feel good about your first day. If you know you’re going to be hauling your books all over campus, opt for athleisurewear or something functional yet stylish. If you’re just sticking to a few buildings, pick something cute that makes you feel confident. 

Networking is the New Black

Use this change as an opportunity to expand your network or friend group. In college, you’re likely to be surrounded by people who share like-minded career goals and mindsets. Try joining a club and meeting new people that way or just introducing yourself to someone in a class! It’s super nerve-wracking but 9/10 it ends in a positive experience! 

Networking is EVERYTHING these days. Especially if you’re entering a competitive career field (medicine for example), who you know is a BIG deal. You’ll need letters of recommendation and people to speak on your behalf, so it’s important to network early. Don’t be shy. I am a big believer in taking charge of your situation and going the extra mile by forming relationships that matter. Trust me on this one. It’s how I managed to break into a competitive field of medicine in one of the most competitive states in the country. 


I’ve narrowed down some of the best tips and tricks that helped me when adjusting to the new school year. Let me know which ones also work for you! 

My routine is essential and helps me set myself up for success every day. 


  1. First up, sleep! Make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night. I know how hard that can be when you’re stressing or cramming for an exam but if you layout your schedule and routines well, you should be able to find time for a good night’s rest. The only time you should be pulling all-nighters is if your job requires you to work night shift (ya feel me?)!                       
  2. Decide when you’ll pack your bags for the day, will it be the night before or in the morning? I liked packing my bag and lunch the evening before so that it would be ready to go with everything I needed the next morning. Now… I have the luxury of a husband who loves to pack my lunch. So I’ve gotten lazy and he does it for me the day of, while I get ready. Be sure to pack some healthy foods like nuts, seeds, and hard-boiled eggs to help keep your brain functioning at its best! 
  3. Be sure to use your study time and class time wisely. Quality > quantity for study/learning hours, my friends. Avoid getting distracted in class by leaving your phone in your bag, and listen to what your prof has to say. Read the material beforehand so that you can confidently keep up with it during class as well! Study hard but make sure to take breaks here and there which will help you refocus and ultimately succeed when it comes to midterms and finals! 
  4. Use a planner to keep things in order! I’m so old school (and just old). I love writing things down because I LOVE crossing them out when I’m finished. A physical, old school planner helps me keep to-do lists and deadlines on track and it acts as a home base for everything I need to get done – even things that aren’t school-related! Plus I use it to write inspirational or motivational quotes that I find. I also like to put those up around my workspace to give me the extra push that I need from time to time.
  5. Give this new routine, or whatever things you want to implement this school year, time. I’m sure as it’s a fresh start, you’ll feel great the first few days and then maybe fall into older habits. Don’t stress. Just pick yourself back up and try to carry on with the new routine and goals that you’ve set out for yourself. 
  6. Don’t repeat mistakes. If something isn’t working, change it. The more you use trial and error (even thought it’s uncomfortable), the quicker you will arrive at what works for you! 


So there you have it! I’ll link some of my favorite back to school supplies below! Comment to let me know what works for you when it comes to back to school healthy habits and what other ideas you have! I’d love to hear them! 





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  1. While I am not in Med school but NP school. trial and error has helped me so much as it is a whole different way of studying than undergrad, especially with work and Family commitments. One thing I learNed is to not neglect yourself and let yourself have some fun, no one can study 24/7 or they will be miserable!

  2. I love all of your school supply recommendations. I am only a sophomore in undergrad, but when I enter into PA school I want to be as ready as I possibly can be. I really appreciate posts like these so I can think ahead and try to figure out how future me will handle the workload of a medical program & all other aspects of life.

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