6 Tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is around the corner and I know I’m not the only one antsy for a little sun therapy. While the Summer brings family vacations, pool days, beach trips, delicious food, and more, it’s important to prioritize your health during this season, too.

Implement these tips for a healthy Summer season!



Why Summer Health Matters

The Summer season is typically free of the cold and flu viruses that circulate during the Winter months, but there are other risks that can jeopardize our health. 

*Caveat: since our continued, slow recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been seeing more “winter” viruses as of late, so our cold/flu virus “season” may no longer be what we are used to.

During the Summer months, the risks of dehydration, sunburns, food poisoning, and more can put a pause on your Summer plans. It’s important to know how to best take care of your health this Summer, so that you can fully enjoy yourself and keep your family safe.


6 Tips for a Healthy Summer

Follow these easy tips for a healthy Summer season:


  • Sun Protection– Apply SPF 50 sunscreen on the face, daily– no if’s, and’s, or but’s.. Also, when in the sun for extended periods of time, use sunscreen on the body, find a shady spot to hang, and wear a hat and sunglasses. I love THIS sunscreen for everyday use. It’s not greasy or smelly, and easy to apply! And did you know wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from cancer? Taking these preventive measures won’t only keep your skin from burning, but it also reduces your risk of future illness. 


  • Hydration– Dehydration is a real risk during the Summer, especially in climates that reach high temperatures. Throughout the Summer season, drink adequate water every day. Pro tip: carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. Ideally, you should consume at least half your body weight (pounds) in ounces of water. Increase this amount if you’re active, sweating, or spending time in the sun. Bonus: add electrolytes for boosted hydration.


  • Seasonal Produce– This Summer, take full advantage of all the seasonal fruits and veggies available. As the French do, I like to grocery shop daily or every other day for fresh ingredients in the Summer– instead of stock piling food in the fridge and freezer. Summer seasonal produce includes: apricots, bell peppers, berries, cherries, mangoes, Summer squash, tomatoes, and watermelon. Enjoy a couple of my favorite, fresh, Summer recipes: Caprese Salad and Grilled Squash with Feta.


  • Healthier Alcoholic Drinks-  Cold, refreshing alcoholic beverages are hard to pass up on hot days. However, drinking alcohol in the warm weather is undoubtedly more dehydrating. Avoiding alcohol altogether isn’t necessary as long as you’re drinking wisely and staying hydrated. When consuming alcohol, drink a glass of cold water with every alcoholic drink and stick to the lighter beverages without added sugars. Bonus: mix your liquor with coconut water and lime for better hydration! I like mixing tequila with a little bit of coconut water, fresh squeezed lime, and sea salt for a refreshing skinny marg style cocktail.


  • Outdoor Workouts- Year round, working out is beneficial for your mental and physical health. However, during the Summer months, take advantage of the good weather and try working out outside. Personally, I’m over rigid gym workouts and classes. I’d much prefer to be active outside, as it helps pass the time and is more enjoyable. My favorite outdoor workouts include: walking, running, biking, hiking, beach sports, and swimming. Plus, working out in the sunshine is a great way to increase your vitamin D and reap all it’s health benefits. Psst.. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunnies!


  • Food Poisoning– The risk of food poisoning is greater during the warmer months, as temperatures are higher and social gatherings often take place outside. Steer clear of food poisoning with these tips: don’t leave BBQ foods outside for extended periods of time, protect food from insects, and quickly put leftovers away in the fridge or freezer. 


With these simple tips, it’s easy to have a healthy, enjoyable Summer! Just remember: wear sunscreen, drink water, eat fruits and veggies, stay active, and don’t leave food in warm temperatures.


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