The desert calls

Thursday, May 3, 2018



Chris and I like to getaway as often as we can. Sometimes that means short trips within the Southern California area, but I’ll take it. I still feel like I’m curbing my travel craving. Due to our insane schedules and levels of stress, we try to aim for MAX relaxation.

We had a Boston trip planned for a while, but when we realized that we had a few extra days off together, we decided to book it to the desert for some hot sun and pool time, before braving the Boston cold.

We have both been to Palm Springs in the past, but there are so many hotels to choose from. We sat on the couch, googled, and came upon Avalon Hotel. It seemed like the perfect balance between boutique and luxury. I also love that Palm Springs has such a strong French influence. My mom was born in Paris, and I have many fond memories of my travels through France. If I can experience some of that closer to home, it is most definitely welcomed!




The hotel was small, trendy (would you expect anything else in Palm Springs?), had excellent food, and a 24/7 pool and hot tub (huge plus!). There was a separate pool for families with children, and the overall vibe of the hotel was laid-back and quiet. We were not in the mood for a party-hotel with a DJ, so this ended up being perfect.


IMG_3395               IMG_3397


The food, I have to say, deserves some serious credit. For our first breakfast we lounged by the pool and enjoyed avocado toast (for me) and an acai bowl for the hubs. There was most definitely some chips and guac intermixed, with refreshing poolside cocktails.






I had really wanted to stay at the Parker, but it was pretty expensive pricing for Easter weekend. So we trekked over there for dinner instead. Of course, the Parker did not disappoint. From the infamous IG-worthy wall out front, to the trendy bars inside, it is definitely a place to see and be seen. I had really wanted to try their little wine bar and luckily we scored the last two seats in this tiny, speak-easy location called Counter Reformation. This place reminds me of a wine bar you’d find in Paris. Chris and I (naturally) ordered a charcuterie and cheese plate with french bread that was to-die-for, and vino.




Despite Parker being one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in town, the Instagram queen herself was definitely off her game with photo snapping. Honestly, I was really enjoying my night out with Chris, and the only photo I managed to snap was on the way out! Until next time Parker.



We awoke to a really beautiful, calm Easter morning complete with another amazing breakfast and pool time. Truthfully… I have a very hard time relaxing by the pool. My overactive brain kicks in, and I start to feel really fidgety. I swear I never used to be this way; I blame my job as the culprit. Chris always helps me live in the moments. I swear he’s so good at turning everything off around him, and just being thankful for the moment. Such a good influence. But… I still spent the afternoon searching menus and planning out my next meal, instead of quieting my mind! Typical.







We ventured out on the town our second night, and ended up at The Tropicale. Although the location is very popular, the environment wasn’t my favorite. The food however, made up for it. We decided to hit the casino on the walk back to our hotel, which is kind of unusual for us to get the urge to gamble. Honestly, the spontaneity of it all made it so much fun.

I love craps, but that’s a no-go in California so we settled for roulette, black jack, and a slot machine or two. Honestly, it was so much fun. We won more on a random lottery ticket en route back to our hotel, than we did at the casino, but what can ya do? The memories are worth it!



The best part of our trip, aside from the relaxation, was that we hit the outlets on the way home! Nothing like snagging designer goods for a great price! That’s what I’m talking about.

This little sunny getaway really helped Chris and I reconnect after being busy with work, and kicking off our cold weather, Boston vacation with a little tan, helped me feel brighter and more relaxed.


Some of my other faves in Palm Springs:

Kimpton Hotel (posh with luxury feel)

Korakia Pensione 

L’Horizon Hotel and Spa

Copley’s Restaurant 

Steve’s Bakery

The Pantry 



Some of my fave Palm Springs fashion:

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2 thoughts on “The desert calls”

  1. Hyo

    Palm Springs is one of our favorite getaway places!!! You guys should defn check out rooster and pig next time you visit 🙂

  2. amanda

    la serena’s villas is beautiful and has just the best pool side restaurant inspired by Freida Kahlo. If you go you must try to Brussels sprout salad, a favorite meal in PS and would have loved to stay there. Birba is another fav. The pizzas are amaze and the wait staff all wear the cutest striped shirts. I’m a food gal so palm springs is a dream!

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