I can finally be one of those girls that posts photos of their porch styled for fall!! ğŸğŸ‚ğŸŽƒ #homeowner .
My fall and Halloween home decor is up on the blog today at!
Don’t miss all the links at the bottom! I love to style my home with a combo of spooky and sweet. ——————————————
When/If you decorate for fall, what’s your vibe?? If you had to choose... ğŸŽƒ OR 💀??

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My entire wardrobe summed up into one photo ✌🏼📸
Scrubs. Athleisure. Scrubs. Athleisure.
Where your wildest dreams come true!
Like holding a golf cart hostage, conning the driver into taking your photos, all the while eating ice cream (@scrubsandstripes ). —————————————————
Show of hands if you’re wearing scrubs or athleisure RIGHT NOW 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

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Where did you meet your most recent friend?
Raise your hand if it was on social media!
@sweatsav put her hand on her belly, so I put my hand on my belly 🤰🏼 The @wearfigs x @lululemon retreat in Ojai has been nothing short of a dream.
For as much negativity as social media can bring into someone’s life, it can equally (or even more) bring in positivity.

Some of my closest friends I have met through social media. But truly, it’s really important to get to know some of these people that you’re following so regularly for more than just their @ handle.
Super thankful to have had that opportunity these last couple of days.
For all of you who may not be able to meet the people you follow IRL, remember that they are humans just like you, have good days and bad, and emotions and ideas that they are sharing with you in a vulnerable fashion.
Give em some love 💕 (IRL or on the ‘gram)! Leave a positive comment for at least one person that you follow today! ———————————————————
Tag your newest friend from social media below!!

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Are you GREEN with envy... cause of my sweet new scrubs?! 💚
@wearfigs is finally coming out with a surgical green!! Life is complete.
I used to wear this beauty of a scrub color but now we wear grey.
I know a lot of you have been asking for this color for a long time... so I wanted you to see it here first! You can use my code FIGSxMajestic for a discount on their website if you’re in the market for some new threads👌🏼 Ok I may have also wanted to give you a sneak peek of my closet too😍 I am in heaven everyday when I walk in. Chris has a little corner (how ironic-where my newsletter subscribers at?) in the back. He tells me he’s very thankful for this tiny corner of my closet 😂
To my healthcare professionals, what color scrubs do you wear at work?!

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“But how do you make it all work with your schedules”? .
I get this question constantly!
My short answer... it’s definitely not easy.
My long answer... 😬
1️⃣ Schedule your dates in advance! Buy an old school calendar and hang it somewhere. Mark off your work obligations and then pencil in those dates at least a month in advance. It’s really important to have those dates to look forward to
2️⃣ Practice listening skills. Put the phone or computer down (I have trouble with this one) and look your partner in the eye and really listen. Really focus during that time that you do have together, especially if it’s minimal. Before you know it you’ll have forgotten about your phone. We have a ‘question a day’ book that we try and tackle when we can. I’ll reference on my stories
3️⃣ Leave each other notes! We love this one. It’s fun to wake up (at whatever time that may be) and see a hand written note by your partner. I like to stuff em in the lunch box occasionally too
4️⃣ On days off, do everything together. I’m kind of independent and introverted, but I actually love this. Chris and I run our errands together, workout together, watch tv together, you get the point. We never schedule things with friends on days that we have off together. Even if we could tackle more things if we split up, we avoid doing that

5️⃣ Couples’ therapy. For reals, even if you don’t feel like you need it, having a therapist to help you learn techniques to make your relationship better, can be helpful. Chris and I did pre-marital counseling and we saved our work books to reference when needed ————————————————
How do you all make it work with your significant others? Share your tips too!

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Who out there is a science nerd, like me? 💀
There is one thing about my job that never changes. It’s the thing that always keeps me going, and thirsty for more.
And that’s the fact that I love science 🧬

You always hear people say that work won’t feel like a job if you love what you do. Let’s be real... medicine is rough. It still feels like a job, some days.
I don’t know if I can agree with that statement, because I think it depends on the mental and physical aspects of your job too. And doesn’t everyone have those days where you’re just thinking, “why the heck am I even here”!? I’m totally a realist.
So although I won’t go that far, I will encourage you all to find exactly what makes you passionate.
You can’t fake passion.
Don’t do it for money, don’t do it for fame, don’t do it to make other people happy.
Because you’ll end up miserable.
When you find your passion, and you are confident, it will lead you to success. ✨

So even on those days where someone’s angry with me, or I’m so busy I can’t eat or go to the bathroom, or I’m so exhausted that I fall asleep as soon as I get home... I still know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be in life, and I was meant to be in this career👩🏻‍⚕️
Comment with 💀🧬🦠 if you love science like me!

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Does it feel like Fall where you live? ğŸğŸŽƒğŸ‚
The one gripe I have about Southern California, is that there are no (real) seasons. I’m a midwestern gal, I LOVE fall. Like leaves changing color, brisk temperature fall.
It may look like fall in this photo, but I’m literally sweating underneath this beautiful scarf that I insisted on wearing.
After all, it’s chilly in the morning but by noon you’re wishing you were in your swimsuit here 🤷🏻‍♀️ Excuse me while I take a dip in our new pool #OctoberInSoCal 😂
——————————————————————Where are you from? Are you experiencing the REAL fall weather?

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Game Day 🏈
I feel like such an adult homeowner now... we officially have a flag!
Weekend decorating phase II in process 🤩 Our front yard is no where near as big as my parents, but my intimidation level is much less with a smaller space.
We have some landscaping and gate building in the works, but my MAIN priority right now is styling my porch with all things fall 😍 Can’t wait to show you guys when it’s done! I’ve dreamed about a porch for years! ——————————————————————
Do you style your porch for Fall?
DM me your porch styling photos so I can share them! ğŸŽƒğŸ‘»

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The only bad taco is the one you didn’t eat 🌮
Did you know today is National Taco Day?
Also... I really would trade medical advice for tacos. Any kind, any style. Just bring em’ to momma! It’s in my blood 🤤🌮 Shop the look on + the app.
Lately I’ve been really into fish tacos, make it extra spicy! We also have a restaurant near us that makes BOMB veggie tacos within butternut squash. It may sound weird but I assure you, it’s 🔥
———————————————————————What’s your favorite kind of taco?

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Anyone have a home decor obsession?
New home or not, I can never get enough of the constant circulation of fabulous home decor that’s on repeat, these days. Add in the holiday decor and my paychecks are gone like POOF! 😂

Chris and I hit a ton of stores last week and managed to find some real treasures that I can’t wait to show you!
We’re focusing on our bedroom and living room first, since they are my favorite rooms in a home and are pretty visible immediately upon entering into our home.
FOUR tips for furniture/decor hunting:
1️⃣ Two words. Pinterest board. I have SUCH a hard time staying focused in a store if I don’t have an idea of what I want. Find things you like, print the photos, and bring them with you
2️⃣ Budget! It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to get really excited once you start. If you’re finding things that aren’t in your budget, consider putting off the purchase for a while and saving, so you can have what you want
3️⃣ Be sure you know all of your options. With furniture, I ALWAYS price things out before making a decision. There’s nothing worse than buying something for double the price than another store with a similar item.
4️⃣ Shop with confidence. This one is huge for me. It doesn’t really matter what the trends are or what anyone thinks about your decor. What matters is that you are happy and feel cozy in your space

I’m really feeling the vibes in my living room these days 😍 Our kitchen is starting to become pretty dreamy too. I’ve shared some sneak peeks on my stories, stay tuned for full reveals! Currently trying to manage my job that allows me to afford this home, and my acting role of interior designer in my own head 😂 Such a struggle... am I right?
What’s your favorite room in your home??

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Giveaway Closed! I’m GIVING AWAY some arm candy 👜🍬
Happy October friends! ğŸ‚ğŸŽƒ
It’s not the holidays, but it’s almost the holidays... is there a better reason to give away something amazing?! Some of y’all might remember, I got this bag before we went to Europe and it was the perfect size and comfort level. It jazzes up any outfit, and can be worn dressed up or down. I had so many people ask me where it was from!

One of you will win a VIP large @hammittla bag (as shown in this photo), with your choice of color.
To enter:
1️⃣ Follow @hammittla and @dr.majestic_md

2️⃣ Tag a friend
3️⃣ Comment with ONE word on how you feel about it being October 🍁 .
Giveaway closes Friday, October 4th at 8am. No duplicate entries. Winner will be chosen randomly. United States residents only.

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May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short ☕️
Y’all know I love my coffee. Lattes, espresso, black, flavored; I don’t discriminate.
But I am kind of picky about how it’s made, what mug it’s made in, and what goes in my cup o’ joe. Just ask my personal barista @chris_wilco 😛

You finally get the deets on what goes into my coffee and how I make the foam look justttt right and fluffy, on (link in bio)! I’ll give you a hint... it’s all about the 🥛🥛 I honestly prefer to drink coffee at home, as opposed to on the go, so I can micromanage my own order!
These cute mugs are still available on Anthro and linked on my LTK page 😘
What’s your preference?
Coffee on-the-go OR home brewed?

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When your week off is over but you have a whole lotta memories and comfy things to show for it 🥰
This week has been crazy with the move, but we managed to have a little fun AND find some amazing furniture and decor pieces.
This furry rug is from Costco, believe it or not, and I’ve always wanted one so I’m pretty much in heaven! Now I just have to keep our monster child from laying and digging all over it!
Am I the only one who has a dog that takes over every space that you try to keep looking nice in the home?
Tell me I’m not alone?!

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Who out there owns a home? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Chris and I have been working our buns off all week, to unpack and organize everything. We still have a long way to go, but it’s starting to look like a home! The hard part is definitely over.
I’m really excited to share sneak peeks of the decor with you, what we learned during the process, and more behind the scenes on my stories today!

Four big things we learned during our home search:
1️⃣ Don’t compromise on location. Obviously you can’t change it. We were ready to bite the bullet and remodel a home from scratch in order to find something affordable in this location; until we hit the jackpot and found this one of course. But I’m SO glad we didn’t compromise on location because we care about proximity to the beach, school district, and our fave stores/restaurants in the neighborhood
2️⃣ Read the fine print. On every single contract. Understand your loan in detail, if you’re financing. Doctors- you have some options with the doctor loan, to put less money down, but it has some other stipulations so make sure you know this BEFORE you’re in the escrow process
3️⃣ Choose your realtor wisely. Especially if you live in a competitive area, it can make a huge difference. They know other realtors (including the one that could be selling your desired home) and a good reputation can really help you secure a home. Maybe you even beat out another offer because your realtor encouraged you to make a cool video (more on that later) 😛 I digress
4️⃣ Have money set aside for the immediate projects that will come up upon move in; the things that can’t wait. For us, we are replacing some doors, adding gates to keep EMS safe, changing landscaping, electric work, and planning pest prevention 🕸🕷
———————————————————————————Do you have questions about the home buying or home owning process? Comment here and I’ll incorporate them into my future posts/blogs. 🏡 🏘 🏠

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Where are my Bachelor/Bachelorette fans?? 🌹🌹🌹
I don’t know how I got Chris to start watching these reality tv shows, but we look forward to them every week now! It’s kind of our thing, that makes his work week more bearable; a good dinner and some reality tv 🙌🏼 We were lucky enough to catch one of the live Dancing with the Stars tapings last night, and ran into this lovely lady @hannahbrown who is just as sweet in person as she is on tv. #FanGirledHard
It made me think... so many of us fall into our calling or path and end up right where we are supposed to be, without even realizing it. It’s really cool to look back and see what you’ve done with your life, and remember that person who could’ve never imagined (in my case) moving to Orange County, scoring my dream job, finding a beautiful home with a guy I didn’t even know existed a few years ago, connecting with all of you, and in last night’s case- setting foot onto the ballroom dance floor of DWTS #GOALS
Make sure you look back every once in a while and remember where you came from and how far you’ve come 😉
And make that younger version of yourself proud by taking those opportunities that call to you 😘

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It’s about that time 🌟GIVEAWAY CLOSED🌟
As the temperatures finally cool down, I take my workouts to the beach, where the sand provides a whole new meaning to the words “high intensity”. This outfit helped me stay dry while I sweat up a storm running through the waves, and stayed in place during my high intensity moves.
You can win $100 in clothing of your choice from !! To enter:

1️⃣ Follow @caliabycarrie and follow me @dr.majestic_md
2️⃣ Tag a friend
3️⃣ Comment with your biggest motivation for working out ——————————————
Giveaway ends on Tuesday, 9/24 at 8am.
Winner randomly chosen.
#sponsored #CALIAbyCarrie #StayThePath

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If you were gelato, what flavor would you be?? 🍦🍦🍦
Chris and I decided to get out last night (it was taco Tuesday after all) and we somehow ended up @baciodilatte for gelato.
Gee I wonder how that happened 🤔 #ImMarriedToASweetsLover
You can see how the night ended on my stories. I’ll give you one clue... chocolate and light pants don’t mix.
Anyways, I digress. Doing random, unplanned things like this keep our relationship fun and exciting. If you’re out there feeling like you do the same thing all the time, just try something new and simple (like a new gelato spot in town) and see what kind of laughs it can open up!
So if I were a gelato... I’d either be stracciatella (classic and always a hit) or hazelnut (slightly understated but with a bold finish), what about you?

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That back to school reality hit you yet?
Yah, me neither 😂 #NeverGoingBack
But I’ll buy all the cute supplies tho!
When I polled ya’ll last week, I found out that the majority of my followers are in grad school, followed by undergrad.
Lucky for you I linked some of my fave school supplies on my blog this week at 🙌🏼 My biggest piece of advice for being successful in school, is quality > quantity!! You don’t have to study 12 hours a day to get it right. You just need to have quality time spent studying.
You can find the rest of my study and success tips in my blog post (link in my bio)! ———————————————————————————
What’s the thing you look forward to most about being back-to-school?!

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Did you guys see ASU’s amazing win against Michigan State yesterday? 😈
I may be a Buckeye fan first and foremost but I am also a Sun Devil for life!
I used to go to every game back in college, and lived for Sparky doing his push ups every time we scored 🙌🏼 We did them on each other’s shoulders in the crowd and I felt super cool 😂 ER Doctor Cassie would never approve of that!
If there’s one piece of advice I can provide to any of you going through college (or high school) at this moment, HAVE FUN. The memories are everything.

Don’t be so hard on yourself while you’re young 😉 Make memories that will carry you through the hard times until you can make more!
And if you read my newsletter that went out today, you’ll know that my life is football rn. So every Sunday might be related to football.
Ya’ll cool with that? 👍🏼

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