Is your significant other in the medical field? ⁣

It’s not easy being a healthcare provider, let alone being married to one, or both! ⁣
I know a lot of you out there struggle with finding time for your family, and yourselves, because you’re selflessly caring for others during weekends, birthdays, holidays, etc. ⁣

4 things that Chris and I have become really good at, to ensure we are connecting with each other: ⁣

1️⃣ Always have a date or trip on the schedule, something to look forward to ⁣

2️⃣ Say no. We have to turn down some things in order to make time for each other, especially if it’s the one day/night in a week or two that we both have off from work together ⁣

3️⃣ Throw guilt out the window. Feeling guilty for not having more time or not doing enough can cause issues within your relationship ⁣

4️⃣ Scheduling time is good... but being regimented within that time is not so good. Be spontaneous within your scheduled time and if you end up doing something unplanned and it lasts longer than you thought, great! ⁣

Chris wrote an epic post a while back about being married to medicine, and I wanted to re-share it in lieu of our anni. 👰🏻🤵🏼⁣Link in bio! ⁣
Tell me what you do in your relationships to be successful and stay connected with each other! ⁣

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Chris, we’re not in Michigan anymore 🌪⁣

Made it from the mitten state to Laguna Beach to celebrate our one year anniversary tomorrow at the hotel where we got married 👰🏻🤵🏼 ⁣

Excited to share some photos you guys haven’t seen yet! ⁣

But for now... all I need is a robe, glass of champs, and this view 🥂

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It’s OFFISH! 🎄🎄⁣
The holidays have arrived. ⁣

Now that I’ve rolled myself away from the Thanksgiving dinner table, I’m on to the Black Friday sales and Christmas jingles. ⁣

Our day started with a light dusting of snow and a 4 hour flight delay that would cause us to miss our connecting flight and not make it home to celebrate our anniversary this weekend 😒 ⁣

Somehow luck was on our side and our gate agent scores us a flight that gets in only an hour later. 🙏🏻🙏🏻⁣
I’m telling you... the holiday spirit is in full force!! 🎅🏼⁣

Linking some of our fave Black Friday deals on my stories today! ⁣

Are you a #BlackFriday shopper??

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The holidays are all about friends, family, and the things nearest and dearest to your heart ❤️⁣

So thankful for the ability to travel home this year. ⁣
Makes my heart so warm to see my friends from high school all grown and with little ones of their own carrying on new traditions. ⁣

One tradition that always stayed strong however... was our Thanksgiving Eve at the Majestic Bar (aka my parents basement). This year- new location, but same cheer moves. May have punched the ceiling that seemed a lot higher before I got up there, sorry D! ⁣

Off to the football game and then to devour mom’s home cooking. Life could not be any better! ⁣

Happy Thanksgiving friends! 🦃

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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas ❄️⁣

Guess we’ll just stand on this patch for the next month, because clearly it’s the closest we’re going to get where we live!⁣

My California boy hoped for snow during this Michigan trip. Instead it’s been sunny and brisk, but totally tolerable! I think Chris was imagining building a snowman and frolicking around with his snow boots on. I kid you not, he makes special room in his suitcase for his rain or snow boots if he thinks the weather will require them. It’s a THING. ⁣

He literally just turned to me and said excitedly “it’s going to be dumping rain in OC next week”! Somehow can sense this based off of the weather app that just has emojis with drops of rain... but it’s going to be “dumping”! 😂⁣

So what do you prefer? ⁣
White Christmas or Warm and sunny?

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The holidays are HERE! 🦃🎄⁣

Time to be grateful and joyful and full of cheer and food and treats! Right?? ⁣

Not always, and not for everyone. ⁣

Working in the emergency department, I see all different folks during the holidays- sick, worried, happy, sad, depressed, dying. The holidays can really affect people in a negative way sometimes. It’s a time that comes with expectations and events and family stressors, financial stressors, etc. ⁣

This week’s blog post on is all about how to get through the holidays! Whether you’re on vacation, working, dealing with family, or traveling, including a gift guide of my FAVE travel must haves! ⁣

No matter where you are... remember to take a deeeeeep breath and give yourself some grace. ⁣

Where will you be this Thanksgiving holiday?⁣

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If someone asked me to describe my perfect day it would include: ⁣

My bed.⁣
NO to-do list.⁣
A warm and cozy outfit. And buffalo plaid everything 👌🏼⁣

Cozy threads from @cuddlduds keeping me warm now that the temp is finally droppin’ in California! ⁣

Do you love buffalo plaid like me? ⁣

#sponsored #LiveinLayers ⁣


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Question: What is better than a ridiculously comfy, cozy sweater to get your lounge on in? ⁣

Answer: Absolutely nothing. ⁣

I will use any excuse just to post up in my new home all day and enjoy the relaxing vibes now that we’re all moved in. ⁣

The cooler weather has finally hit, and I am here for it! Loving this oversized sweatshirt from @caliabycarrie that is SO SOFT, with a pop of color down below. Comfortable, yet put together. Ya know... in case I need to run to the hardware store or something. Homeowner life 👌🏼⁣

#StayThePath #CALIAbyCarrie #sponsored

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My nails say: Dr.Majestic can’t come to the phone right now, she’s officially off for Thanksgiving break, byeeeee 🦃👋🏼⁣

I was feeling something bold for this manicure go around. I try to keep it simple for the most part but nail choices are a spur-of-the-moment emotional decision for me 😂 ⁣

I get asked all the time about the rules of wearing nail polish in the healthcare setting. We’re allowed to wear it as long as it’s not chipped and not acrylic. Every hospital is different.⁣

Can you wear nail polish at work?? ⁣

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What’s your morning routine? ⁣

I’ll be honest, when I’m working an A.M. shift, I am a hit-the-alarm as many times as possible in the morning type of gal. ⁣

Instead of having a leisurely morning, I am the person that runs around like a tornado and barely gets out the door on time! ⁣

Some tips I have for those of you that want to maximize sleep in the morning: ⁣

1. Pack your breakfast/lunch the night before. Set your coffee maker on a timer so it’s ready ⁣
2. Minimize your beauty routine. I am a basic concealer, single-swipe bronzer, and mascara type of gal to keep my beauty routine to <10 min ⁣
3. Shower at night. Some of my best tousled waves come from sleeping on my damp hair!⁣
4. It helps if you’re looking forward to something. Maybe a new workout outfit (or pair of scrubs @wearfigs)? Even a new flavored coffee can make me look forward to a morning! ⁣

Speaking of new things, charcoal grey is BACK. This is my color! Maybe that’ll motivate you to get up in the morning. ⁣

How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning?

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Cheese! 🦷 ⁣

It’s an exciting week for me and these chompers because we’re getting ready to make a real commitment. ⁣

I’m just going to admit... as a doctor, I don’t make the best patient, and compliance may or may not be my forte. 🤔⁣

But I’m getting fitted for Invisalign this week and we (me and my teeth) promise to try our best to follow the rules that Dr. Barker gives us. ⁣

I had braces as a teen and I was happy with the results, but things have shifted over the years. I didn’t even know I would be a candidate for Invisalign until I asked about a couple of small things that bothered me. ⁣

I can’t wait to share all the info that I learn about the process with you guys! ⁣

So far I know that it’s recommended I wear them 22/24 hrs a day. They do need to be removed to eat (this ought to be real interesting during a busy ED shift). ⁣

Have you had Invisalign or do you have questions about it? Leave them in the comments and Dr.Barker will be answering later this week👍🏼⁣

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In need of some motivation to workout? ⁣

Grab a friend! ⁣
And a ridiculously cute @wearfigs athletic set. ⁣

When I put these on I thought they were from Lululemon. 😂 thought to myself, I haven’t seen these in stores yet! ⁣

When all you wear are scrubs and athleisure, you can’t help but be excited for another pair to add to the closet 😍⁣

You can use code FIGSxMajestic for 20% off 😘⁣

Happy Sunday friends! Did you workout today?

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Do you know what imposter syndrome is? ⁣

Chronic self doubt can really inhibit you from being your best self. ⁣
Imposter syndrome is common in those who strive for perfect and hold themselves to an extremely high standard. ⁣

Sound familiar? 🤔⁣

I talk all about it on my blog post today at ⁣

Even if you sometimes feel like you got to this place in life because of dumb luck, I’m willing to bet that’s not true! Are you waiting for yourself to fail, slip up and be “found out”?! I’ve heard that before 😉⁣

Switching the focus in your life, and tackling imposter syndrome head on, can really help with forward movement in your career and life. ⁣

You can read more about it on my blog, including what you can do to keep living your best life, without self doubt!

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Do you ever just wake up feeling a little extra ready to get after it💃🏻? ⁣

Like you start your soundtrack for the day before you’ve even gotten out of bed?⁣

A little, “alexa play Kendrick Lamar- Be Humble”, thankful to finally have a day off and relax, wear sweatpants all day, bake ⁣yummy things type of vibe. ⁣Lately work has been rough, and a lot of times I use music to keep me smiling. On the way to work, on the way home, and even quietly at my desk sometimes if I can. Crazy how oddly therapeutic a beat can be. ⁣ ⁣———————————————————————What’s your FAVE song that will always put a little pep in your step?

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Don’t be scared to learn more about the flu shot and why you need it! 💉⁣

Vaccinations are always a touchy subject these days. However I find that the vast majority of my patients (and their kids) are vaccinated. Many people question whether or not to get the vaccine each year. The virus does change every year, and therefore so does the vaccine. Some years the vaccine has more preventative effects than others. So... you can still get the flu after getting the vaccine, BUT the risk is much lower. ⁣

Influenza is a serious illness that can lead to prolonged time off of work, hospitalization, and even death. Unfortunately I have seen many young, healthy people individuals get VERY sick from the flu. ⁣

Flu season is typically slotted from November to May. Everyone age 6 mos or older should get a flu vaccine (as recommended by the CDC). This is particularly important for those who are at high risk of serious complications from the flu. ⁣
The list is long, but some include: ⁣

1. Adults >65yo⁣
2. Nursing home residents ⁣
3. Pregnant women ⁣
4. Children <5yo ⁣
5. Immunosuppressed patients⁣

Most people who get the flu will recover in <2 weeks. But some people are more likely to get complications from the flu such as bacterial infections after the initial virus, worsened chronic health problems, etc. ⁣
Talk to your doctor about the flu vaccine! And remember regardless to educate yourself on symptoms of the flu and how it may affect you if you are unfortunately infected. ⁣

Questions?? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼⁣

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If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough. ⁣
- Mario Andretti⁣

Pretty much sums up a typical ER shift. ⁣

Look, I wasn’t ready to get a new car. Why? Because I LOVE small, two door cars and I knew this time around I’d have to look for a sedan. I mean... I am perhaps approaching that time ya know!? 👶🏻⁣

But I found something that feels like a coupe that will still fit a car seat, ya know, someday! Not just yet!⁣

Life isn’t all about material things but you should definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor. It just so happens that my fruit is white with a real nice growl when I start the engine 🤷🏻‍♀️⁣

I’m not even sure what AMG means but Chris tells me it’s badass car. I think it maybe means awesome Majestic girl car?
We’ll see! ⁣
What’s your dream car?

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Nothing is textbook in medicine 👩🏻‍⚕️⁣ One of the first things you realize in this job, is that you have to think #OutsideTheBox. ⁣
I’m talkin’ get creative. ⁣

Like how am I gonna get this thing here out of this orifice here 🤔⁣

How will I get this joint back into its rightful location when the usual method isn’t working?⁣

What am I gonna do with this patient that just sucked a piece of gauze into their tracheostomy and are now choking and I’m the only one here to fix it? ⁣
(True story) ⁣

Life in the Emergency Department is nothing short of a comedy. Like a really awkward sometimes dark comedy. You can’t make that stuff up! ⁣
And @wearfigs gets me. ⁣

I have to bring the positive to work otherwise the chaos will swallow me up. ⁣

I have to surround myself with happiness and goodness, and choose not to settle.⁣

And I have to live a life in healthcare that’s different, that involves breaking boundaries and putting myself out there in ways that will hopefully inspire others. ⁣

And every little thing matters. ⁣
All the way down to the last thread on my perfectly fitting scrubs 😉⁣
So share with me, how do you think outside the box? I know you all radiate greatness out there! What are you doing to be bold?

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Guess who’s back? .
My wildest dreams became a reality in this Emergency Department room set where there was a vending machine, coffee, fluorescent food, and a sick beat to dance to. Quite literally my dream while I’m at work. Just give me a little food, coffee, music and this job becomes a lotttt easier #OutsideTheBox😉

Well your wildest dreams have come true today too... because BERGUNDY IS BACK.
And on a whole notha level!
@wearfigs tends to make dreams become a reality these days. #killinit You know who else is killin’ it? YOU. My healthcare family, all around the world.
Your girl’s got you with a discount! 💥FIGSxMajestic💥 You can only use it once so make it count! ——————————————
Who’s getting in on that bergundy STAT? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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