Travel Must-Haves

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Let’s talk travel must-haves, Dr. Majestic style.

Whether I’m traveling locally or international, I always try to stay prepared.

For me, that means taking preventative measures to ensure I am healthy on my vacations, and carrying along emergency products for those “oops” moments.


My favorite vacation spot includes a beach, pretty much any beach!

With the beach hopefully comes sun, and with sun comes the risk for skin cancer and wrinkles/aging.

Who is a fan of skin cancer or aging? That’s right… no one.

I carry along a plethora of sunscreen, with an SPF of at least 35, even higher SPF for my face. Luckily Banana Boat makes a yummy-smelling men’s scent, for that male companion on your trip!

With the sunscreen has to come coverage. I’m all about the look of that bronzed glow from the sun but let’s be honest, the exposure required to get a real glow is not good for the face. I carry along a fun, fashionable hat on all of my vacations. Not only does it shield my face from the sun, but also I love that I really feel like I’m on vacation when I wear the floppy hat!

My favorite recently has been the Panama Jack-style hat.

Similar linked here


And who doesn’t love a fashionable pair of sunnies? Protecting those eyes from sun damage is just as important as protecting the skin. These are my favorite-mirrored aviators from Kate Spade.

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My trips wouldn’t be complete without some medications by my side. Some of the meds I never leave home without, are Ibuprofen (for aches and pains, headaches), Benadryl (for allergic reactions or itching), Melatonin (a natural hormone that can help with sleep), and Pepto Bismol tablets (for tummy aches). If I’m going international, you better believe I bring a larger stock that includes- antibiotics that will treat basic urinary tract infection or diarrheal illnesses, miralax or magnesium citrate (for constipation), calamine lotion for bites and stings, bug spray that includes heavy duty DEET (for those locations with mosquitos that carry viral illnesses), and a suture kit!

Airplane travel and sun exposure can certainly dry the skin and lips, so I always make sure to bring a hydrating lotion and chapstick with me; you never know what brand the hotel will carry! I love Fresh products, and tend to sway towards their lotions on the regular. My favorite chapstick is Blistex medicated brand with SPF 15! It’s basic, but makes my lips feel so good.

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One of my other favorite products to have in tow is Sole Serum ( Sole Serum is a topical cream with lidocaine, an anesthetic that I use regularly in the ED. This anesthetic has pain-relieving properties, and when used according to the label is safe and helps decrease pain from those fabulous sandals and wedges you want to wear all vacation long! I apply this to my feet before putting my shoes on, and it helps me get through the night, whether I’m dancing or walking the boardwalk!

You can get 15% off your order with code DRMAJESTIC.

Shoes and Sole Serum

Last but not least… one of my favorite things to do on a beach vacation is read for fun! I always have my Ipad loaded with suspense and feel-good novels for those long days relaxing on the beach.

There’s nothing worse than a vacation where you feel unprepared, or return severely sunburned or sick! With a little preparation, Dr. Majestic style, hopefully that can be avoided 😉

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