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Sunday, May 6, 2018




In case you haven’t heard, Nurses Week is upon us! They really do deserve a WEEK of celebration. Nurses Week is typically celebrated on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

I have a hard time putting into words how much our nurses mean to us. Many of them work in a clinical setting AND are continuing their education, picking up extra hours elsewhere, or working to advance their careers, while maintaining their family life. The nursing staff that I work with on a regular basis, are truly my second family members. They bring me up when I’m down, they help make my patient encounters easier and more efficient, they defend me when it’s indicated, and they truly provide beneficial and meaningful input regarding patient care.

I was chatting with some of our nurses the other day, about options in nursing and how they got started. One common start for many of our nurses, was home healthcare.

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I teamed up with BAYADA Home Healthcare to join in observing Nurses Week 2018, and educate all of you interested in nursing, about home health care.

In my current full-time job, we see a very large population of elderly patients. Many of my patients are 80 years old and up! I have seen patients as old as 103 years, who are still high functioning individuals, they just can’t get around as well.

It becomes difficult for family members to care for their elderly loved ones appropriately—or even young adults or children in need of ongoing health caregiving— while maintaining a work and family schedule of their own. Many of my patient family members however, cannot bear the thought of taking their loved one out of their home or leaving them in the care of someone else’s hands.

As I spoke with various nurses who have had experience in home health care, a common point of discussion was how special the patient to provider relationship is. Being a home health care nurse provides the opportunity for close, ongoing interpersonal connections at the bedside with patients and their families. This connection, is unique and exclusive to home health care.

Among other things, home health care nurses communicate directly with physicians to provide feedback on any changes that may be needed in a patient’s health care plan. These nurses help with prevention of further disease, educating patients, personal hygiene, therapy, administering medications, emotional support, and keeping patients out of the hospital for conditions that can be managed at home.

It is not only the elderly that may need home health care. Many children or adults of other ages with underlying debilitating medical conditions or injuries, have these needs too. Highly skilled nursing support in the home can help patients recovering from surgeries or illness avoid rehospitalization and stay where they want to stay: at home.


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Another benefit to this type of nursing: flexibility.

Most hospital nursing jobs consist of shift work. Home health care can be more flexible and house visits can vary depending on the patient and nurse schedules. You have the ability to pick up jobs based on your availability and location. There may be driving involved, but this may also mean time for a break in between patients.


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If you’re in the mindset for a change, want to get your nursing feet wet in home healthcare, or just pick up extra hours, BAYADA home health care may be a good option. I am partnering with them this Nurses Week because they put their nurses first. BAYADA was honored with a Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Award as one of the best places to work in 2018. They offer competitive compensation and benefits, including opportunities for ongoing education and leadership roles.

I happened to score this self-care kit, courtesy of BAYADA, and I’m told this isn’t the only way they show appreciation for their nursing staff! Seriously… I had Chris using this massage tool on my shoulders immediately WHILE I sat with a cup of tea and ate the popcorn/pretzel mix. Win!





You can visit to learn more about how they take care of their healthcare providers, and to enter their special giveaway for nurses!





Don’t forget this week, to tell your nursing staff or nursing friends/family members how much they mean to you. To all the nurses out there, remember to ensure you feel appreciated by your colleagues and employer, everyday!



This post sponsored by BAYADA Home Health Care.

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